Recycling Paper

Added on Saturday 19 Feb 2011

I'm a huge fan of magazines and regularly read the The Week, Grazia and Vanity Fair also pick up the odd Pyschologies Magazine as well as reading any newspapers from my local coffee shops. I also read an awful lot online!

Whenever I'm finished with the magazines,, etc, rather than chuck them I'll either pass them onto friends and family or take them along to my local GP, where the staff and patients are usually delighted to receive them

My mum uses newspapers to clean the windows with vinegar as she's old school like me and hates waste or unnatural chemicals. This also work wonders on mirrors!

So next time you're throwing out a wad of paper, think how you might best use them!

p.s. My local chippy still wraps chips in newspaper for me as I"m loath to use a plastic bag!!

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