Soy Romantic

Added on Wednesday 9 Feb 2011

So, with Valentines Day less than a week away and if you're thinking of creating a romantic atmosphere with candles then I can help you! Creating cleaner air one candle at a time. You will love soy candles because they are made with organic materials, the purest candles you can find and they burn longer, saving you money..

Made from 100% natural plant wax that won't pollute your air. Soy candles are eco-friendly, clean burning, and best of all, made from a renewable resource. The perfect complement to a healthy and environmentally conscious home.

I've met Angie MacIntosh and Cynthia Millar of Crafty Green Monkeys and they have some really gorgeous candles. Well worth checking out. They sell at fayres in Glasgow and online.

Shearer Candles made in Glasgow

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