My New Cooker

Added on Sunday 4 Jul 2010

My new cooker, flawless, pristine,
gleams at me with lustrous sheen -
no scratchy ring, no grungy sheen,
no flinty scar -
a virgin in a grubby scene
or film noir.

Now I'll make artichoke terrine,
spatchcock a la Balantine
jugged hare and Apple Florentine -
all piquant, rich.
And while I toil I'll sip vins fines
or large Glenfiddich.

No. The micro's urgent ping
works best for me, or Slocooking.
Or some strong cheese on toast I fling -
what need of pots?
Or two unbroached eggs I sling
and slug some shots.

Kathleen O'Rourke