My passion for illustrating the West End

Added on Tuesday 30 Oct 2007

Botanic Gardens gateI am an enthusiastic illustrator and specialise in west end scenes which is an ideal way to combine both my passion for art and the west end of Glasgow.

Different scenes appeal to different people but Ashton Lane has undoubtably been my most popular work to date. It would appear that most people have enjoyed the pubs and restuarants there at some time or another and some like myself on far more than one occassion!

Here are some of my most people works. Have a look through them and let me know your thoughts. A print of the west end is an ideal and unique gift for any one who holds the area in affection.

Ashton Lane If any scenes are special to you or required as a gift but not shown here, I can produce a one off illustation for you. Alternatively check my website at  for my full range of work available as originals or prints.

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