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Techni-quarks – what are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Do they even exist? Is the God Particle aware of them? The answers to all of these questions can be found below by my guest blogger Techni-Quark Googolplex 23b56x000. Unfortunately, since it`s a techni-quark, which can exist at any given point in time or space & is roughly the same size, in theory, as nothing, its responses may not appear until 2043 or round about the time of the Eocene, in writing so small that you`d need a Higg Boson Capacitor Lens to read it. In the meantime, here`s a poem by me, about them, right here, right now, in France.




I`m by the river chucking bread at

Grunting ducks, when suddenly a panicked breeze

Disturbs the shrubs & on the water there`s

A brief & blinding sunless spark,

Blisters of ripples, feathers on the Loing.

The Techni-Quarks have landed in a whirl

600 trillion trillion trillion strong, their song inaudible

To all but cats & alcoholics.

They`ve flown the coop at CERN, escaped

Domestic violence, spiritual concerns,

Are heading, my friend has told me,

For the sun-kissed shores of a southern lake,

Bali, Australia, The Maldives maybe,

Where they won`t be shunted, battered, kept

Like lab experiments, can spread their

Tiny, non-existent wings, form colonies

A billion trillion googolplexes strong,

Swim the lost soft currents of liberty.

Meanwhile, they`ve slightly lost their way

And settled instead on a French duck who,

Quite rightly, cares nothing for such things,

Looks for bread, finds only shimmering

Eternity where yesterday`s baguette should be,

Brays her crazed displeasure down the universe`s

Open microphone. Such are ducks.

In the language of Techni-Quark

There`s no such concept as `Get to fuck`.


Ayah a poem by Leela Soma
Stuart Paterson, blogging from Grez sur Loing: Tuned In.

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