Rossano McCulloch - restaurateur

Rossano's back in Italy for the time being so the restaurant in Anniesland is closed.(2011)

Photo: Rossano. Rossano certainly knows a thing or two about how to run a restaurant; his passion first began when he worked in the Eagle Lodge as a part-time waiter when still a schoolboy. Right from the start he got a kick out of meeting people and serving them good food. However, unlike some other young men of Italian heritage in Glagow there was no established family restaurant business for him to enter. Nonetheless, Rossano had no doubt that restaurants were where he would forge his career.

His Italian mother, Donata Prococcino, came to Scotland in 1960 to train as a nurse and met and married his father, Thomas McCulloch, who was an engineer. Rossano is a fluent Italian speaker and has close associations with his mother's homeland and visits her home town of Colli Al Volturno in Isernia frequently. He spent three years there between 1985 and 1988. In 1988 he returned to Scotland to open Trattoria Trevi at Kelvinbridge and ran this popular restaurant with his parents until 2006.

Photo: restaurant rossanos. The restaurant acquired a fine reputation and a very impressive clientele. Regular diners included stars from the nearby BBC Scotland such as: John Hannah, Billy Connolly and Robbie Coltrane (who dined there a few times a week). Performers from the wold of music such as Marti Pellow and Pat Kane frequented the restaurant as did footballers such as Ronald de Boer, who has become a friend. Another regular was Scotland's first First Minister, Donald Dewar. A few Hollywood stars found their way to Trattoria Trevi including Mickey Rooney and internationally acclaimed singer Tony Bennett also graced the restaurant with his presence.

Rossano has many happy memories and tales to tell from the Trevi days but now he is having the time of his life building up his family business a bit further west, alongside his wife Amanda and son Marco. Together they are enjoying making new friends and entertaining previous customers from Trattoria Trevi at Rossano's at 846 Crow Road, Anniesland.

The aim is to make sure that when you come along to the restaurant that you really enjoy yourself and return again. Rossano's enthusiasm for his work is tangible and he is particularly happy working in his own kitchen.
"I would not change what I am doing for the world and my biggest buzz is when someone tells me: "that was a wonderful meal".

He is thrilled to have his name above the door, and remarks with some humour, "Amanda's name is Hollywood, she's used to having her name in lights - now it's my turn". There is a lot of humourous banter between the couple, who have much in common, including their warm and friendly dispositions. Rossano laughs as he recounts how the pair were introduced: A friend of Rossano's, Franco D'Apice, got to know Amanda as a regular at his cafe in Central Station. He certainly showed great insight when he informed Rossano, way back in 1991, 'I've got the girl for you'.

Photo: montage. Along with their sixteen year old son Marco, they make a great team. There is a lot of laughter at Rossano's and in addition you are guaranteed delicious food and a pleasant ambience in an intimate setting. You can pop in for a coffee or a glass of wine (especially imported from Italy), sit at the bar and have a chat with Rossano, Amanda or Marco or simply relax and let the day drift by.

There is much of interest to catch you eye and photographs of many celebrities can be seen on a collage of photographs, which has pride of place alongside Italian Football tops and a copy of a Platinum Album, a present from Wet, Wet, Wet. These personal trophies do not seem out of place but simply add interest to Rossano's attractive decor and unusual charm.

It's a great choice for a night out relaxing with friends, no in depth culinary knowledge is required to interpret the menus and there is no fear of ordering a 'mystery dish', which you may not enjoy. Rossano's approach is to "keep it simple, don't complicate matters, just serve good food with the best ingredients". Rossano's straightforward ebulliance for the restaurant business is refreshing and he has certainly made his mark among restaurateurs in Glasgow. His boyish enthusiam and combined Scottish-Italian charm embraces his family, friends and his restaurant.

I was not at all surprised to be told :

"We're going to open on Christmas Day, it'll be nice to see our friends here and my mate Daniel Schutzmann (ex-River City) is having a break from his West End show and is coming up to help me in the restaurant".

Photo: rossanos bar. Rossano's Bar Bistro - 846 Crow Road. Anniesland Cross, Glasgow G13 1HU
Telephone: 0141 434 0006

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday - 12 noon - 3 p.m., 5 p.m. - 11 p.m
Saturday and Sunday 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Email:[email protected]

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