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the inquisitor

Peter Arnott’s play ‘The Inquisitor’ was recently performed by Bruce Biddolph at the Alexandria Library .

The audience sat in a semi-circle in front of a table. A man entered. His dress implied he was someone of importance. An official, maybe. Collar, tie, smart jacket and trousers, highly polished shoes. The table became an office desk as a briefcase was divested of its contents. The man exuded an air of conflicted authority, conveyed signs of impatience. He shrugged, he shifted in his chair, he stood, he paced, he sat and and checked files and notes. He grimaced, shook his head, displayed signs of disbelief. He gazed ahead, not at the audience but through them? Over them? No. There was someone else there. Someone the audience could not see.

The spoken performance then began and for the next forty minutes or so Bruce Biddolph never faltered in his performance. He really WAS ‘The Inquisitor’ for the performance and for two thousand years ago. It had relevance for both eras. Bruce clearly showed the conflicts and the dilemmas of belief and faith are much the same today as they ever were, faithfully transmitting the author’s thought-provoking words in a consummately professional manner.

Audience reaction is always regarded as an indication of the success of any play. That criterion would suggest this performance was one of the best. There was no shuffling, only one very subdued cough – not a mouse stirred. This was one of those rare occasions when true catharsis took place. The actor transmitted his feelings to the audience so they actually felt his emotions and shared his experience.

I’ve not seen the play before but understand there was one very minor detail at the end which indicated Bruce’s own take on the play. I’m not going to reveal it. Go along and make up your own mind on that one.

As for the rest I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Once again a local actor proves what amazing unsung talent there is in Scotland.

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Saturday, 3rd August, Millennium Hall, Gartocharn

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Saturday, 12th October, Websters Playhouse Studio

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