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Autism and Relationships: Chapter 5. A Fantasy World. The BIG Night Out

The following is a short extract from my book.

Label Me: My Journey Towards an Autism Diagnosis

On my next shift at The Natural World my colleague dropped something significant into the conversation – we had all been invited to a party at Steve’s flat (the home of the security guard I was obsessed with) the following Saturday. She said it so casually, like it was no big deal but to me it was an unbelievable development. To say that my excitement levels went through the roof is a complete understatement. I was ecstatic!

There were not many of us at the party, possibly around ten, in total. I started to wonder if it was only people from my work who has been invited and this was a positively exciting notion. I sat down on the sofa tugging on my colleague’s top to bring her down beside me and add a layer of protection against everyone else in the room. Steve, in the fashion of a true gentleman, was in the kitchen pouring the vodka and coke, I had requested. While he was out of the way, my work mate asked one of the other security guards to divulge some facts about Steve on my behalf. I successfully learned that he owned his flat, was about twenty-four years of age and had been married, but thankfully had split after only six months of wedded bliss. He worked in a nightclub to supplement his income and he had no children.

To be honest, he could have been a complete psychopath and it would not have made much difference. I would not let anything ruin my infatuation that had become the focus of my thoughts and was giving me so much joy. I think we were at the party for a couple of hours at best. Steve and I had little communication during this time. This is probably because I did my best to avoid him, spending most of my time engaged in conversation with one of the other security guards. It was all very civilised and unexciting apart from one…er well… pretty darn significant development. As we stood up to exit the premises, Steve offered me his number! I showed no hesitation accepting it as I quickly extracted my phone from my back pocket and entered the name and number, hands trembling in the process. Mission accomplished!

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