Bob Law’s Blog: An Appreciation of Autumn

Gardens of Delight. Clydebank Public Park.

(Clydebank Public Park)

Public parks and golf courses often have the best autumn colours as trees from around the world were collected in past times and planted here- purely for their decorative appearance and a lot of thought went into it. Not a haphazard effect. Here’s a selection from Autumn 2022:

Forth and Clyde Canal. Bowling

Forth and Clyde Canal. Bowling

Over the decades my appreciation of autumn has changed considerably. Before the age of 14 it was a happy season of collecting conkers, warm coal fires with occasional candles due to power cuts, running through piles of fallen leaves and the general romance of nature constantly changing.

Forth and Clyde Canal. Bowling

Woodlands in Late October

During my working life this appreciation dulled somewhat, mainly because most of my jobs involved either working outdoors or driving around various districts. This had a freedom and variety you didn’t get in office work but during the winter months it could be hard finding house numbers or even street names in darkness… pre computer and GPS technology advantages. It was also cold, wet and dark by 4:00pm for months on end with harder driving/ working conditions and autumn and falling leaves just became a reminder of the misery ahead.

Erskine in Autumn

Erskine in Autumn

Now that I’m older and semi retired winters seem much shorter and more easy to get through as I’m not out every day in all weathers so autumn is now a season to relish and enjoy all over again.

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