Bob Law: Walks in Glasgow – Anniesland and Knightswood

Travelling Through Knightswwod Park

Knightswood and Anniesland Surprise

A day’s outing with a difference. After several days worth of snow my local area was transformed.  A thick, white blanket between four to six inches in depth altered an all too familiar landscape and local walks, worn out, with a full year of Covid 19, to the point of indifference.  It also hid most of the litter and mud ,which has steadily grown in the Glasgow outdoors since March 2020.  The mess is very visible this year and not just plastic.  Despite several bold volunteers cleaning up the litter, it gets quickly replaced. ( I don’t normally highlight this fact but this year for whatever reason, it is very noticeable on local walks in my area. At a guess almost a million cans, tins, paper and other throwaway junk float or sink entangled in greenery in or around the Forth and Clyde canal. To the point where I was not going out as much… or sometimes picking it up, instead of walking.

The Canal at Anniesland

A fall of snow changed all that, temporarily burying nearly all of the rubbish and mud on well trodden paths. The snowfall adding sparkle and freshness to  any landscape view and also freeing up new areas normally out of bounds to walkers – like golf courses, suddenly empty of golfers for a few precious days.

I had my mojo back instantly and couldn’t wait to get out and sample the change. Looking at a street map I quickly thought up an interesting circular route taking in Anniesland, Dawsholm Park, Knightswood Park and Knightwood Golf Course linked together by minor back roads and the Forth and Clyde canal.

Deep Snow in Glasgow's Western Districts. February. 2021

A fantastic walk of several hours through my local area, staying away from other folk and enjoying the sense of freedom, new views, and space in these otherwise restrictive times.  A much needed respite for me and others I’d imagine as plenty of families with children had sledges out on the local slopes.

Ring Necked Parakeets in a Tree

And I had a real surprise. Despite the snow several dozen deliberate or accidentally  released green parakeets seem to be thriving in the Glasgow area for the past few years and we were lucky enough to see them. Fairly common in London Parks if they breed up here to the same extent they might well become a nuisance as they eat a lot of fruit as a preference but for the moment it’s just a real treat to encounter them. The Parrots of the North. As unexpected a sight in deep winter snow storms as a real life dragon. Fantasy come true.

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