Reflecting on Otis Gibbs, The Moonshiners and Hans Theesingk

Added on Thursday 21 May 2009

I've been filled up to the brim with music these last few days. On Monday I supported Otis Gibbs at the Twisted Wheel as part of the Americana Festival; on Tuesday recorded a song with Bluegrass band, The Moonshiners; and last night opened for blues legend Hans Theessink at the Edinburgh Folk club.

Now the great thing about getting 'out to play' is that you can see and learn from people who are masters of their craft. (The not so great thing is that you get completely knackered in the process.) Both Otis and Hans are individuals to be admired; traveling the world on the back of their own talents; grasping what it takes to put on a show and having the skills to do it; and inspiring others (like myself) with their love of music.

It was a privilege to play on the same stage as Otis Gibbs and Hans Theessink .

On Tuesday as I mentioned above - I recorded a song for my next CD with The Moonshiners. At the risk of sounding like I'm overcooking the flattery cake (whatever that is); I absolutely loved playing with The Moonshiners; great musicians, generous people (for accommodating my request to record) and again real music lovers. Thank you to The Moonshiners.

It wasn't the easiest of nights for the band as it was a case of learning the song and recording it in one 'live session'. No overdubs here; just press record, count in - and you are committing a real performance to tape. Recording can become an exercise in building a musical house (so to speak) one anxious brick (or ?take? if you like) at a time - hoping that the result doesn't reflect the stress of the process. To record while actually playing with the band - all in the same room - with no headphones and hearing every note live - was refreshing. The Moonshiners are the real deal when it comes to playing music - and real nice people.

All the best, Jim

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