Falling in love again

Added on Wednesday 30 Sep 2009

Photo: dave arcari. There's many a time I have stopped in a bus shelter to ponder the meaning of life. Why a bus shelter? Because it always seems to be raining. You can't ponder great philosophical matters when your head is wet. Of course, getting wet is something of an occupational hazard at this time of year. Winter approaches, Glasgow turns grey and stays that way.

Before I drive you all to Prozac, let's get back to the music. Starting off with a sure fire cure for depression, I encountered Dave Arcari and Hijak Oscar at the Captain's Rest. Any gig featuring Dave Arcari is always more of an encounter than a gig. If you're not paying attention, he'll charge into the audience and play his whisky fuelled guitar right next to you. Hijak Oscar were simply stunning. Their music showed an imagination and power rarely seen in these days of downloaded dullness and, if they have been down at the crossroads and sold their soul, they got one helluva deal. Being rather fond of the female voice, I fell madly in love with the wondrous Gaby Milner and remained so for the best part of two hours. That's a long time for me.

On a visit to Cosmopol in Clydebank - though quite why the sat-nav took me on a tour through the badlands on the way there remains a mystery - Zoe Lewis made a positive impression as well. Showing a poise that belied her years, she turned a good few heads amongst the casual listeners. Likewise, on a trip to the Liquid Ship, Graeme Macdonald struck me as a man with a future given the commercial nature of his songs.

On the cards over the next few days are a visit to Largs to see Van Preston (she's from Nashville) and Krishna Jones (he's from Australia). I don't know why they are playing in Largs but that's how it is. Sometimes you have to search out the music you want to listen to. Then back to Glasgow on Friday for the long delayed launch of local boy Jamie Flett's rather fine album "Cold but Bright" at the Griffin bar. He said something about cheap beer and those words are always music to my ears.


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