Reunion – a poem by Rizwan Akhtar

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And was at a distance of two bow lengths or nearer. Al Quran

cows moo a big bloke honks their lazy mounds

of bodies school boys tear sugar canes under
a rusty pump a bearded man performs ablution

like that heroine of Punjabi romance

clanking bangles eyes crammed
with mascara a village girl skips over broken

walls heading towards rendezvous

with her lover

a night jar scatters their conference

together they prostrate without waiting the hour

for Prayer join palms making a bow of crescent

hypnotized by echoes of drum beating from

a remote shrine where dancers haul recalling

the reunion of  the Last Apostle who crossed

realms on a winged chariot the earth-bound wait.

Rizwan Akhtar

Lahore, I Am Coming (2017) is the first Collection of poems of Rizwan Akhtar published by Punjab University Press, Lahore.


Available online 
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