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Pink Magnolia.Mid May in Glasgow's Parks

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During our long year of Covid 19 local parks have been more important than ever to escape into especially for people/families without a decent sized garden or those living in flats or tenements.
A Quiet Back Entrance to Botanic Gardens

A Quiet Back Entrance to Glasgow Botanic Gardens

At the moment, in May 2021, many are at their best with tulips, bluebells, azaleas and rhododendrons providing a riot of colour in the borders.
Botanic Gardens. Mid May 2021

Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Mid May 2021

Either on foot or reached by bus, train or car they provide a welcome outlet and green oasis that their Victorian developers can never have fully imagined in their wildest dreams when they were surrounded by blackened tenements and numerous factory chimneys belching out smoke and grime.
The Wild River Kelvin At Botanic Gardens.

The Wild River Kelvin At Botanic Gardens.

Trees planted as young saplings, in period photos of the time, during the early 1900s, in bare open landscapes are now fully mature, both in girth and height. A lush thick canopy of leaves to walk under every summer.
Mid May in Glasgow's Parkland. Botanic Gardens.

Mid May in Glasgow’s Parkland. Botanic Gardens.

 Sometimes taken for granted in the carefree past when we could travel further afield they have gained new value recently as a vital community resource, helping to combat the effects of, isolation, loneliness and depression by just being available for everyone.
The Fossil Grove. Springtime. Victoria Park.

The Fossil Grove. Springtime. Victoria Park.

Hopefully this will ensure their continued existence and importance to our daily lives as some have been subject to cutbacks- several well known and much loved park glasshouses in recent years left to rot in a sad state of disrepair.
Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods

Parks are a cherished part of any town or city, for locals and tourists alike, not only to improve air quality, mental health and enjoyment, but also as a place for wildlife to thrive in the quieter sections and as a repository for plants and trees gathered from every corner of the globe.
Long may they continue to thrive and be looked after properly.
24 May, 2021
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