An Gearanach July 2007


Helen Rose Hill Diary 

As I near the end of the Munros, I am trying to fill in the gaps. One of these was An Gearanach in the Mamores.  An Gearanach is part of the Ring of Steall but this circuit is a big day and I am not at my fittest having been very ill during the winter. I have previously failed to climb An Gearanach as I could not cross the wire bridge above the Water of Nevis and I did not have footwear to wade across the river. The wire bridge has three strands, one for the feet and two above for the hands. I could not walk it as I don’t like tightropes, especially above fast flowing rivers. Previously I did attempt to cross the bridge but once I had climbed onto it, I looked across the river at the other bank where the bridge went up and felt the sway of the wires. It was just too much for me.

I returned this month and enjoyed the short walk through the gorge opening out to Glen Nevis where I could see the pendant waterfall. This is a popular walk for tourists as there are wonderful photographic opportunities in Glen Nevis. The weather forecast for the country was poor but there was a little window, unusually in this area, so we took the opportunity to climb An Gearanach in reasonable weather.

Peter bravely crossed the bridge as a group of spectators photographed him and applauded as he reached the bank. I donned rafting sandals and waded across the river. We followed the path under the waterfall and along the other bank of the river around to a glen with a defined path.

The path was good and zig-zagged up the mountain for a fairly long way. There were stunning views all around along the glen to the circle of rocky mountains. On the summit ridge we walked up to the summit where it was rather misty. It is over three thousand feet but a very straight forward walk on a good path and the reward is great views all around the Mamores and Glen Nevis. We were the only walkers on the mountain that day but given the Highland weather forecast, I can understand the lack of walkers.

I only have five Munros to do and hope to do one shortly but the others may have to wait until next year given other commitments and the distance to travel.


Coming attractions; Maol Chin Dearg at Glen Carron (dedicated to my Father who died unexpectedly when I was there) and Sgurr na Ciche


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Thanks to Frances Rickus for the photos