Munros Completed November 2007

  Helen Rose Hill Diary           

At last, I have completed the Munros! I started fourteen years ago with Ben Lomond and finished in October with Sgorr Ruadh at Torridon. I can’t say I have enjoyed all of it as I have been out in some appalling weather conditions and wondered why I was there but there have been so many highs (not just the mountains!) that looking back it has all been a wonderful experience. I have stayed in hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, bunkhouses, bothies and even wild camped. The last two were an experience but not ones I would care to repeat. I have used buses, cars, boats and even a coal lorry! I have been to every corner of Scotland, no matter how remote, and have seen breathtaking scenery unrivalled elsewhere in the world. The wildlife has been amazing including eagles, buzzards, adders, ptarmigans badgers and lots of deer.It is wonderful to be a Compleater (the old Scots spelling used by the Scottish Mountaineering Club).

To complete the Munros I had to walk the entire ridge incorporating two Munros. These were near the village of Glencarron and known as the south Torridons. I had failed to do them in early August due to high winds. I wanted to complete this year so I hired Lindsay Boyd I know some of my hillwalking friends were disappointed not to be on the last Munro with me but the logistics of arranging a group weekend were difficult given the distance to travel and the shorter days in October.

We were lucky with the weather and it was mild and dry all day with a little mist on the tops. We walked from Achnashellach Station along the path to Coire Lair and up to Beinn Liath Mhor. There were a few tops to be done before we finally reached the summit. Unfortunately, it was misty and we did not have views while lunching at the top. We descended to the bealach over rough and rocky ground. This was difficult navigation and I was glad Lindsay was there knowing where the gully was to descend as there was another top to negotiate. It was then up to Sgorr Ruadh with fabulous views all around. We could see Meall Chin Dearg across from us and in the distance Beinn Eighe, one of the famous Torridon ‘big three’. Just as we reached the top, the mist came down so the photo of me on the last Munro has no views. On the descent, there were good views of Fuar Tholl, very much a climbers’ mountain.

We returned to the car after crossing the River Lair, the water level was fortunately low as there had been little rainfall in the preceding week so we had dry feet. It was an excellent day out with good weather and lovely views. Lindsay was good company and we solved the problems of the world in the nine hours we were out! That night I had a champagne supper with a friend at Kiltarlity and returned home the following day. The first thing I did was register with the SMC as a Compleater and I am proud to say I did all the Munros at an easy pace. I emailed my entire address book so thanks to all those who contacted me with congratulations.

I had my Munro log bound and I will keep it for posterity as I don’t think I will ever again achieve anything as big as completing the Munros. I did not forget all those who helped me over the fourteen years and invited them to a celebration where we all had an evening of nostalgia looking at photos over the last fourteen years. I am so delighted to have completed the Munros, I tell everyone I see. I am sure the elation will wear off eventually. Everyone asks me what I will do now I have completed? I am primarily a hillwalker and I only became serious about Munro bagging three years ago. I will continue hill walking but will be more selective about the hills I climb in future.


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Thanks to Frances Rickus for the photos