Celebrity Sightings – Glasgow West End

This feature was discontinued in 2001 because it became a magnet for spam.

I saw the wee fat one out of Chewin the Fat – Ford Kiernan?

gettig a short, back and sides in barbers in Byres Rd. He didn’t have much hair to cut and the barber spent most of the time slagging him about getting into a scrap recently. made my day, no it really did
  Kenny ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Feb 25, 2001

i saw gerry from teenage fanclub beside safeway, eugene kelly from the vaselines/eugenius/himself walking past the garage on woodlands rd, duglas stewart w/dj mingo-go on the underground.
  Dixie ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Feb 22, 2001

i was going into the culdesac just last night and saw Miranda Ryder Richardson with a young gentleman, i also saw Gerry Love from teenage fanclub on great western road the other week and was sitting next to Kaye Adams in the chip just a few weeks ago too. ps hi jane
  colin ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Feb 17, 2001

I saw Elaine C Smith in Marks & Spencer Sauchiehall st – she seemed very full of her self and never smiled at anyone who recognised her – what a luvvie!. In direct contrast I saw Gerard Kelly just before Christmas outside the Kings Theatre – chatting away with great ease to a fan. He was on his way to a performance of Cinderella but had plenty of time for his fans – a real star!
  Lisa ( ) from Scotland on Fri, Feb 16, 2001

I too saw Phil Kay recently, 2 Sundays ago in the Tranport Museum. He was running up the stairs to the cafe, ruffling his hair.
Quite a few Sundays ago I saw Muriel Gray with partner(?) and children in John Lewis. She is very tall indeed and has a very loud voice.
  Jane ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Feb 16, 2001

I saw Phil Kay on Great Western Road – he is a modern day man and a
fine example. He had a crowd of weans with him including one on his
shoulders. He didn’t look harrassed and seemed to be having a good
time. I thought of asking him if he would take my two off my hands for a
wee while?
  Malky ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Feb 15, 2001

i saw phil kay sporting a longer beard than usual at the petrol station beside insomnia

  brian ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Feb 14, 2001

i spotted craig charles from red dwarf strolling past hillhead underground
  michael ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Feb 14, 2001

i saw roger moore in botanic gardens, looking at the fish in the kibble palace and sporting a fantastic cravat
  michael ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Feb 14, 2001

Hi today i saw Geread Kelly remember (city lights ) or more recintly in brookside he was in homebase in Brehead shopping center looking at the clearence sale today .
  Michael Cullen ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Feb 4, 2001

I saw Lubomir Moravcik – known as Lubo by all football fans. He was in the
Merchant City yesterday – looking very clean cut and handsome. I don’t know
whether he had been into Armani’s or the sale in Cruise – but hope you left the
bargains for the less well paid Lubo.
  Pat Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jan 31, 2001

I was in a lift in the st Enochs centre with Carol Smilie and a couple of other,non-famous people.She wasnt quite as beautiful as she looks on the telly,but was still fairly gorgeous.However she let herself down a bit by putting on a kind of “yes,alright,I know im famous and youre all looking at me,how boring!”look.So she went down a wee bit in my estimation and I almost felt like saying “hey its not everyday we share a lift with a famous tv personality,so indulge us”but I didnt.
  Bob McGarry ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Jan 20, 2001

I spotted Carole Smillie in Byres Road yesterday. She was coming out of Acanthus
in Byres Road and had a wee hammer. Is she changing rooms in the West End these
days and is she managing on her own? Handy Andy might be none too pleased
  Mhairi MacDonald ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Jan 19, 2001

I saw Eagle Eye and Neneh Cherry in Bargain Books in byres Road looking through a reference book on the meaning of forenames and surnames. Is it Eagle Eye or Eagle Eyed, I’m not sure? He was a fab wee singer from Maryhill or Possilpark, canny remember. Anyway, i don’t reckon he’d have found his name in the book, ha ha, do you? I was looking over his wee shoulder and round his fuzzy hair.. Ha ha ha.
  Andy “bifter boy” Burns ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Jan 18, 2001

Did you really see Tom Shields of The Herald diary buying chicken legs? I would have thought that a man of his high moral standings would be a vegetarian. Seriously.
  Gladys Thompson ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Jan 18, 2001

Type who you saw, where you saw them here and any comments you have about it hereI saw Lionel Blair at the woodside swiming baths with his entourage. He was wearing dayglo disco trunks and a big medalion SAYING Jim fixed it for me.
He is more butch than I first thought. I asked for an autograph but he said that he was to busy as he was late for his synchronised swimming lesson with the Partick pensioners. Way to go man

  Name Winston Smith ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jan 17, 2001

Type who you saw, where you saw them here and any comments you have about it hereI saw Lionel Blair at the woodside swiming baths with his entourage. He was wearing dayglo disco trunks and a big medalion SAYING Jim fixed it for me.
He is more butch than I first thought. I asked for an autograph but he said that he was to busy as he was late for his synchronised swimming lesson with the Partick pensioners. Way to go man

  Name Winston Smith ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jan 17, 2001

I saw Britain’s very own Chesney Hawkes at a motoring convention in Zurich.
  Nicholas WuDunn ( I do not have one, sorry. ) from Scotland. on Fri, Jan 12, 2001

Councillor Catriona Renton, newly appointed Youth Tsar and Glasgow’s best looking councillor (let’s face there is no competion) was in Tinderbox on Saturday 6th January – does she count as famous or one to watch?
  Stewart Allan ( ) from Scotland on Thu, Jan 11, 2001

I used to see that blonde girl with short hair who played Electra at the Edinburgh Festival 1999, and in a short tour of Glasgow, and then she moved onto Tinsel Town on BBC. I think she is lovely but can never remember her name. And I saw her in the Uisge Beatha. And she was with that lass that used to be Mark Fowler’s wife in Eastenders, whatever her name is. Perhaps not the Uisge Beatha, maybe the one off Gibson Street, before the Hogshead coming from the University. Ah well, Happy New Year, eh?

  Jonny Ashton ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jan 3, 2001

Saw Tom Shields from the Herald Diary on Saturday in Farmfoods in Byres Road
buying frozen chicken legs. Hope he enjoyed them. Happy New Year
  Helen Rose ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jan 3, 2001

I saw Heather, the weather girl in Buchanan Street – she was looking good but
rather chilly. Need to wrap up more Heather – I mean you are forewarned.
  Stewart McDougall ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Dec 18, 2000

I saw the very handsome and very very famous Bobby Bluebell (from flash-in-the-pan 80s two hit wonders the Bluebells) on byres road- he was very very handsome at the time- really good looking! You know, in much the same way as Gail Tilsley out of Coronation St is very beautiful.
  Name ( ) from Scotland on Sun, Dec 17, 2000

I saw that big hunk John Beattie ex-Scotland rugby star, now journalist
and Radio Scotland Presenter at the Kelvin Hall sitting typing away on his
portable computer. He was reporting on the Badminton Finals and paid
me no attention at all.
  Liz Ferguson ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Dec 11, 2000

I saw Mystic Meg in Lauders Bar, I think she was on at the Pavilion.
She was with another woman. They both had pints of lager. At one point her crystal ball rolled out of her bag across the bar where a wee ned picked it up and ran away. The police arrived and said they would look in to it. She said she had a spare in her hotel.
  NameJohn Paterson ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Nov 29, 2000

There she goes again – still shopping. Spotted Dorothy Paul out at Asda in
Summerston. No doubt she’ll be down at the new Tesco in Maryhill next week. Pre
Panto Retail Therap
  Erin Haughey ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Nov 27, 2000

George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) was standing at the end of the bar in Cottiers a couple of months ago (around the time of the w/e festival). I have witnesses.
  Nick ( [email protected] ) from Northern Ireland on Thu, Nov 23, 2000

Was in Tinderbox today and in space of 5 minutes saw Alisdair Gray and woman out of Capercaillie and funny old drunk who seemed to like looking in window.
  lynp_uk ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Nov 12, 2000

Type who you saw, where you saw them here and any comments you have about it here
  NameLyn ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Nov 12, 2000

I regularly see Stephen Pastel (as he was once known)in Peckham’s in Byre’s Rd of a lunchtime. He fronted a really good wee band called The Pastels (funnliy enough).Wonder what happened to them?
  Lynne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Nov 9, 2000

I met Mike Myers in a bar called Go-Go’s on St.Laurent in Montreal. He is a total gimp. I said ‘Awright mate, I’m not very happy with your representations of Scottish people. And you’ve got a Shaun Ryder haircut.’ All he did was smile weakly and gurn like a mook. Didn’t have two words to say for himself.
  Marty ( [email protected] ) from Canada on Thu, Nov 9, 2000

Elvis!!!!!!! Yes – Elvis Lives!!!!!!!!!

I saw the King shopping in Retro in Otago Street – buying blue (not suede
unfortunetly) shoes – humming ‘Viva Las Vegas’

The King Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  thelittlemermaid ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Nov 7, 2000

Michael Crawford?
Roger Daltrey
Sighted outside Moon next to Puppet Theatre.
  Frances Gilroy ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Nov 4, 2000

Saw Ali Abbasi, on Sunday (28th)lunchtime at the Stand at his book launch! Yeah..you’ve guessed it..this is a shamless plug for the Ali Abbasi joke book (All proceeds to the Kenny MacIntyre Memorial Fund – available at all good bookshops now for only £5!
  Mirth Editor ( http://www.mirth.co.uk ) from Scotland on Mon, Oct 30, 2000

I saw Neil Irwin, the semi famous bald musician from Northern Ireland staggering out of Bar Oz on the Great Western Road. Rumour has it he now lives somewhere around there.
  Nick ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Oct 28, 2000

Heard, then saw, Heather “up there in the North” the Weather in Ashton Lane on Saturday afternoon. Was rather chuffed. Think she looks taller on the telly.
  New in town ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Oct 23, 2000

Last night loads of politicians were eating a curry in the Ashoka next to Jinty’s. I suppose they had all been at Donald Dewar’s funeral. Sam Galbraith ate a whole curry, but still looked very slim. Maybe if I cock up my exams I too can eat as much curry as I wish without getting too fat!. All the other MPs were on their mobile phones most of the time.

  Hetty ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Oct 19, 2000

I saw Phil Kay at Charing Cross today. He was acting wacky!
  Stu ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Oct 18, 2000

“I too thought I had seen Andre Previn in the West End, but I was mistaken.
It seems that there is a chap who looks identical to the maestro, but is in
fact a handyman at the botanics.
I assume that the last visitor to the site has seen this man and – hastily –
thought him to be the Preview-meister.
If this is the case, the question of Andre’s genital size remains
unanswered, of course.”

  Euan McColm ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Oct 16, 2000

At work the other day, in a well known brand of convenience store, situated in the Western infirmary, who should I serve but Kilmarnock striker Paul Wright. He had just been playing squash, but why he was in the Western I stupidly didn’t think to ask.

Anyhoo, he purchased an evening times and a bottle of Findlays Still Spring Water.
  Eagle Eyed Loony ( ) from Scotland on Mon, Oct 16, 2000

I was in Cottiers last Friday afternoon and after a couple of pints of Kroneberg I went off to the toilet, who should be standing next to me at the trough but Andre Previn. We never talked or anything and I was a bit in awe of the great man, though I must say the size of your musical talent has no relation to the size of your genitals.

Osgood Bain.
  Andre Previn ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Oct 14, 2000

Ross Kemp was striding up Church Street towards Byres Road (alone)at lunchtime today. Maybe he was off to collect his p45 from the University?
  Jane ( ) from Scotland on Thu, Oct 12, 2000

No….It couldnt be..Robert Bell in Partick from the Blue Nile.
Howz about another CD then.
Try and get it like Hats from 1990

Say hello to Pat Kane (Hue and Cry)from me too if you see him and ask him if his ikea shelving that I installed years a go is still holding up his keyboard
Remember to mention it was wee johnny from old kilpatrick.
great site too
Johnny from “Moondance Pop Combo”
  Johnny Russell ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Oct 12, 2000

Saw Heather the Weather outside Curlers on Byres Road the other day. She is so tall; looks such a shortie on the telly. Also saw that entertainment bloke off Scotland Today (Billy whats-his-pus?) getting into a taxi on Queen Margaret Drive at 12noon. Didn’t look too happy at all – was probably going to be late for the programme at 1pm. Ha.
  Ray ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Oct 5, 2000

Spotted the (almost) famous Sanjeev Kholi in Byres Road looking gleeful and victorious. Looked like he was clutching a roll on sausage. Was it freshly purchased in the University Cafe,the Grosvenor or the Crowded House or was it a Southside Special carefully smuggled through the Clyde Tunnel?
  Avril Herron ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Oct 2, 2000

I saw the two Scottish comedians, Neil McFarlane and Richard Smith, having lunch together in Byres Road. I wanted to go up to them, but I was too shy. I couldn’t really believe they were both there together!! If anyone hasn’t heard of them, they’re really amazing and I think both perform regularly at the Vigorous Lime Comedy Club (Nice ‘n’ Sleazy every Wednesday night). And ladies, they’re not half bad to look at either!
  Jo and Claire ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Sep 24, 2000

Type who you saw, where you saw them here and any comments you have about it here
Saw a suntanned Michael Palin striding into Botanic Gardens from Byres Road early this evening. He was carrying a camera and happily snapping away until he realised he’d been recognised. At this point he turned away, clicked anyway, and now has a very nice close up pic of a brick wall. Why are celebs always so much smaller in the flesh?
  Name Hilary ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Sep 20, 2000

I saw Robert Carlyle in Wong’s Chinese Restaurant in Maryhill Road, (just before the schools went back in August). He was with 3 women, one who was his wife (I think). It was very embarrasing for me because my (slightly drunk) partner said to him: “has anyone ever told you you look like that guy on the telly”.

Robert’s carry out meal came to about £67. I thought he had paid for mine as well but no luck I’m afraid. Never mind, I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity to buy me a meal another time Robert!!!!

  Rona Pinterich ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Sep 20, 2000

Saw my favourite lady Lesley Riddoch in Byres Road yesterday – glad she is not always away in the Highlands and Islands giving it laldy!
  Harry Guthrie ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Sep 7, 2000

Roy Hanlon the well known actor Welly Boot Show Never Aff the telly etc.
( just done a year with the R.S.T ) Strolling down Woodlands Rd nice as you like
dispensing bonhomie and autographs.
  gordon aitcheson ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Aug 30, 2000

Saw Graham Spiers of the Journalistic and Televsion infamy outisde Antipati (Byres Road) the other day and somehow resisted giving the smug git the old Glesga kiss!!!
  Iain ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Aug 30, 2000

I saw the guy who was in ‘The High Life’ – the one who has red hair. You know the one – he was part of a comedy double act with the other guy in The High Life. Can’t remember either of their names. He was walking past Safeways on Byres Road.
  Paul Quinn ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Aug 19, 2000

I saw Tam Cowan looking very pleased with himself in the Botanic Gardens – was he at the sweet pea, carnation and roses exhibition and did he win a prize?
  Pam McDonald ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Aug 13, 2000

I remember in ’94 a rumour was doing the rounds that Brad Pitt was in Glasgow, which I, on the day, dismissed as rubbish. Later that evening my girlfriend and I were in Jinty’s standing next to the aforementioned celeb, who at the time was sporting the ‘Legends of the Fall’ long-haired bearded look. Needless to say my girlfriend spoke incoherently for the rest of the evening, eventhough she wasn’t drinking much…
  Ijonas ( [email protected] ) from Botanics, Scotland on Tue, Aug 1, 2000

In the last couple of weeks I have seen Justin Curry of the band Del Amitri
walking through Kelvingrove Park, and the first minister of the Scottish
Parliament Donald Dewar taking a morning walk up Great Western Road.

Justin was wearing the obligitory leather trousers which all rock stars must wear – otherwise how would we know they where rock stars?

My one thought about Donald Dewar was that he looked awfully tall and lanky.
  Jim Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Jul 24, 2000

I went to the new Vigorous Lime Comedy Club two nights ago (July 12) at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy and then I saw the fantastic compere, Richard Smith, in Hyndland yesterday. He was telling a group of children all about the evil of drugs. Then I saw Phil Kay, who was also performing at the night!

By the way, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone for a night out. It’s on every wednesday night at 8.15pm at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy in Sauchiehall Street. And it’s only £3!
  Fiona C ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Jul 14, 2000

Hyndland was full of famous folk from the BBC last week performing at Cottiers as a tribute to Kenny McIntyre – it was like celebrity stars in their eyes with Elizabeth Quigley, political commentator impersonating a blues diva. Jackie Bird was also strutting her stuff. Strange but worthwhile!
  Shonagh ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Jul 7, 2000

I saw comedian and writer Richard Smith. He was having a quiet coffee in Tinderbox on Byres Road with a very beautiful young lady. I wonder if his wife knows.

  robert mcalpine ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Jun 20, 2000

Saw the famous Mick Hart from the 80’s Glasgow band The Elliots. Also saw the famous Gary Thom drummer from the up and comming band Astrid who recently had one of their songs played on The Naked Chef TV program. Both were in the Brewry Tap on Sunday Night.
  Tony Stewart ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Jun 20, 2000

I’ve seen Toya Wilcox
twice now on Byres Road, first time in Safeway and today by Subway Sandwiches(19.6.00). Very exciting!!!

While I’m on the subject, I’ve also seen Callum and Alistair Finnigan
from Brookside (the gangster brothers) crossing at the lights at the top of Bryes Road. I was very scared.

My flatmate Gillian, from Australia, has seen Heather the Weather

almost everyday on her way to work on Queen Margaret Drive.
  Louise ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Jun 19, 2000

Spotted sauntering up Byres Road on Saturday evening 10th June, Mr pure
famous himself, Billy Connolly. Clearly travelling incognito, Billy was
looking extremely slim and sporting bright blond hair. He did not
recognise me but pretended to by saying “how’s it goin'” in response to
my “Hello Billy”.

  Ronnie Syme ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Jun 17, 2000

Spotted sauntering up Byres Road on Saturday evening 10th June, Mr pure
famous himself, Billy Connolly. Clearly travelling incognito, Billy was
looking extremely slim and sporting bright blond hair. He did not
recognise me but pretended to by saying “how’s it goin'” in response to
my “Hello Billy”.

Ronnie Syme

  Ronnie Syme ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Jun 16, 2000

I saw Chick Young (hi!hi!hi!hi!hi!) or was it Jonathon Watson at the West End Festival on Sunday. He was going into Tinderbox for a Euro 2000 Special expresso. He didnae look too happy.
  Ken ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Jun 14, 2000

Last November or so I saw Kirsty Wark going into a card shop in Hyndland Road. She had a grey Saab and her hair was a mess. I also saw someone who looked liked him out of Del Amitri in RS McColls on Byers Road. Saw Robert Carslisle on Byers Road earlier this year with his wife- he was attempting to hide under a baseball cap but I spotted him. Saw 3, yes 3 members of the Taggart team out at Cottiers this evening (9/6/2000)the ginger little one, dark haired one and the main bloke- not as tall and slim as he looks on the telly.
Just found out about this site, sorry bout the old news.
  Jane ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Jun 9, 2000

I’ve never been to Glasgow actually but two of my friends were there in 1997/98 and you can’t have missed them because they’re fantastic,fabulous…absolutely fabulous!!! Any ideas? Answers are welcome.
They simply told me Glasgow was great,and I believe them.
  Gil ( gil-becool ) from france on Wed, Jun 7, 2000

I saw Angela from Common purpose in Ashton land on Saturday night sporting another young man on her arms. Does this womans appetite know no bounds?
  Angela Beattie from Common purpose ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, May 30, 2000

I saw “Hector” from High Road at the Radio Clyde record sale at the SECC on Saturday. Records were only a £1 – High Road must pay well! All proceeds went to cash for kids.
  Joe ( ) from Glasgow on Sat, May 27, 2000

I saw the comedian Richard Smith walking down Byres road yesterday! I followed him for a bit to see if he lives local. He was too busy helping old women across the street and attending to sick kids. What a guy!
  Peter James ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, May 26, 2000

Is Dorothy Paul never in and why is she always carrying stuff? I think it must be retail therapy. Only to be beaten by Phil Kay for spotting out and about that man never sleeps and if he hasn’t got the weans wae him he’s got the dug.
  Anna T. ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, May 23, 2000

Like all you other folk I see the West End celebrities especially on Great Western Road and Byres Road. Phil Kay must be a fit man if he is not carrying the kids he is walking the dog. What’s funny about that? Dorothy Paul is a hot favourite for second place and as folk have noted she is aye carrying something – is Dot into the retail therapy of what?
  Shauna ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, May 23, 2000

I saw Dorothy Paul at McTears Auction House near Finnieston. She left loaded with a ‘load of junk’.
  Tricia ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, May 18, 2000

A wee while ago I walked past Robert Carlyle on Hyndland Road. Did someone tell me he had a house in Westbourne Gardens? I’ve also seen Dorothy Paul walking down Byres Road, loaded with Safeway bags.
  Rowan ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, May 16, 2000

I saw Tam Cowan on Great Western Road – think he is on a diet – he was looking mighty sleek and very contented. Maybe because he had some apprentice pundits in tow.
  Harry Fleming ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, May 11, 2000

I saw Shareen Nanjani outside Woolworths – she was tiny!
  andy young ( @madasafish.com ) from dalmuir on Sat, Apr 29, 2000

I saw Dorothy Paul in What Every Woman Wants!
  [email protected] ( [email protected] ) from The Chip on Mon, Apr 17, 2000

I quite frequently see “jude” from The high road hovering about Byres rd with her new baby.Looks like shes finally found a permenant upmarket abode!!!
  dot ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Apr 14, 2000

Justin Currie from Del Amitri who alarmingly seems to be in many of the pubs in the West End I drink in. I am convinced he is following me. I know I am an accomplished barman in my own right and indeed he has been in the Pub I work in whilst I was on duty. Justin, if you read this, don’t be shy, I will give you my autograph…all you need to do is ask.
  Alistair Shaw ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Apr 7, 2000

Does anyone know if the delicious Robert Carlyle has a flat in the Anderston area? I am CONVINCED I spotted him as I drove along St. Vincent St just west of Charing Cross a couple of weeks ago.
  Robert Carlyle ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Apr 6, 2000

I saw david Beckham in the town on Wednesday with posh
  Simon ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Apr 1, 2000

I found God in Hillhead church
  Paul Kerr ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sat, Apr 1, 2000

I saw the BROOKSIDE and BADBOYS actor FREDDIE BOARDLEY every day in Kelvinbridge because he cooks my tea! He can also be spotted in Jinty’s Ashton Lane regularly.
  Maeve MacLeod ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Mar 23, 2000

Isaw the gorgeous Paul Buchanan (BLUE NILE) on Byres Rd last week posting a letter outside Whistlers Mother. It certainly brightened up my day !!!!!
  Name Eileen Mc Cusker ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Mar 23, 2000

I saw Kay Adams last week – I thought it was Kirsty Wark and shouted “hi Kirsty!” I don’t think she was entirely impressed!! I also saw Lorraine Kelly, but that was in the centre of town. I’m still waiting to see Brad Pitt in McD’s!!!!
  Fiona ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Mar 21, 2000

Saw Ali Abbasi flying out of Church Street in at Taxi today around 12.30 p.m. – up a bit later than during the week Ali!
  Pat Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Mar 19, 2000

I saw and spoke to Dave Anderson in The Halt in Woodlands Road – he is a well mannered gent and lent me his glasses as I had come out without mine and could not read the paper.
  Pat Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Feb 29, 2000

I saw Blythe Duff of ‘Taggart’ in Boots the Chemist today – she had on a nice hat. I nearly said hello but remembered that she doesn’t know me.
  Pat Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Feb 29, 2000

To Scared Kelvinbridge,

I see Phil the comic all the time too – sometimes on Woodlands Road and also on Great Western Road. He must be a fit man – it is a wee bit sinister but I am not too scared as he sometimes has the weans with him. However, I’ll consider the support group if others feel it is necessary.
  Not quite so scared – F. McFadden – Kelvinbridge ( ) from Scotland on Mon, Feb 28, 2000

I see TV funny man Phil Kay every day around the west end.
Sometimes he’s walking just ahead of me down Great Western Road.
And sometimes he’s driving just behind me in his clapped out red jag.
Every day I see this guy. Every blasted day. I think he’s stalking me.
If I see him again I’m going to take out an injunction.

Is anyone else being dogged by this wacky comedy prankster?
Perhaps we could form a support group.
  Scared of Kelvinbridge ( ) from Scotland on Fri, Feb 25, 2000

A.L.Kennedy (famous modern Scottish woman author who has won many awards for here writing). One of her books is called Original Bliss and another is about Spanish bull fighting which was commissioned to assist her with writer’s block. I saw her in a west end cafe.
  Rae McFadzean ( rmcfadzean@dial pipex.com ) from Scotland on Wed, Feb 23, 2000

I saw Super Ally in Vroni”s with his Agent. He was supping a large glass of red wine. He looked very nice and I said hello but he wasn’t interested! His loss.
  Susan Burn ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Feb 22, 2000

Last night when I was watching Taggart I rememembered seeing James Macpherson with his wife and children in Byres Road. He looked even more crabbit than Jim Taggart-or was it method acting working his way into the lead role?
  Maureen Sharpe ( ….. ) from Scotland on Wed, Feb 16, 2000

While lunching with my friend Frank at Il Bosco, Italian Restaurant (££) on Dumbarton Road, Partick on Friday, we spotted MSP and Scottish Office Minister Brian Wilson who was also having lunch.

Your Website looks great and is very informative.
  JD ( North Kelvinside ) from Scotland on Sun, Feb 13, 2000

Saw Alasdair Gray in Ashton Lane yesterday. I just finished reading Poor Things – what a writer! and what an imagination. He was looking pretty cerebral and dressed for creativity but at the moment I would say more in the painting mode.
  Hannah G. ( @anon.net ) from Scotland on Fri, Feb 4, 2000

I was playing the drums on Sunday 30/1 with Glasgow’s best jazz casuals, Buttoned Up, at the Corinthian in the city centre and I spotted Robbie Coltrane.

He was in for lunch and allthough he didn’t stop to chat he gave us a friendly,
“Howzit Goin?”.

  Jim Wingate ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Thu, Feb 3, 2000

Barry Burns, the fab keyboards player with Mogwai is a regular in the Byres
Road area

  James Mason ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Sun, Jan 30, 2000

I saw Dorothy Paul (actress and comedienne) with a friend brightening up Byres Road today (Rabbie Burns Day- 25th January). No Winter Blues for Dorothy – all cosily wrapped up and wreathed in smiles.
  Pat Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Tue, Jan 25, 2000

I was looking for Craig Armstrong’s CD The Space Between Us (a favourite) to give to a friend for Christmas. I tried Borders in town to no avail (sold out) so then tried WH Smith in Byres Road who were also sold out but who very quickly and helpfully offered to order it for me….whereupon a tall dark/handsome stranger behind me said that I could buy it ‘up the road’ (Fopp I presume) However I said I would just order it from Smiths’. The Smiths’ man asked TDH stranger if he knew the catalogue number but he said no, he wasn’t that sad!

When I called in on Christmas Eve to collect my order the Smiths’ bloke remembered me immediately as I’d caused him some embarrasment…. It was
Craig Armstrong who had been standing behind me when I asked for his sold out CD!!……..If you’re out there Craig..when’s the next release??

  Jess Fitzgerald ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Jan 10, 2000

I saw Jonathon Watson with his baby in a buggy doing the messages in Malcolm
Campbells in hyndland on the 22st December
  Anne Grittin ( myemail@haven‘tgotone.com ) from Scotland on Thu, Dec 23, 1999

Saw the sex mad doctor from Take The High Road buying washed baked potatoes in
Safeways in Byres road
  Chloe Gatsby ( ) from Scotland on Thu, Dec 23, 1999


Dear Pat

Iv recently met various celebs at the Groucho ST Judes at the very top end of Bath Street.

This bar/restaurant is targeted for the “media” types, strictly non studets.

There is a great band currently doing a resident spot every Thursday, take it from me as I am doing the odd guest spot with them playing percussion.

You can get there info on their web site, www.buttonup.freeserve.co.uk.

Celebs met or seen over 5the last six weeks are, Pat and Gregory Kane ( Hue & Cry ), Bobby Bluebell, The ….St Johm guy who plays the teacher in Gregorys Two Girls and Peter Housan the artist.

Congratulations on web site, great idea,

Jim Wingate
  Jim Wingate ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Mon, Dec 13, 1999

I saw the poet Liz Lockhead running for a taxi on Great Western Road – she
looked a bit harassed and in a hurry. I Hope you got there on time had a good
evening Liz.
  Jim Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Dec 10, 1999

Several months back, I spotted Robert Duvall waiting outside the Spar at the
top of Byres Road. He was in Scotland at the time filming his movie The Cup
or The Game or The Match or whatever it’s called (The Heartbreakingly Unfair
Exit from the UEFA Cup? – can’t remember). This sighting was particularly
notable because at the time I was heading for Blockbuster Video. This branch
stores its titles alphabetically, meaning that Mr Duvall’s most recent film,
The Apostle, was located by the door. This provided the unmatched pleasure
of being able to look at Mr Duvall on the front of the video box, then pop
my head out the door and see him in the flesh. I repeated this manouevre for
some while, until the shop staff politely asked me to desist as I was giving
them the creeps.

Unaccountably, Miles from This Life (played, I think, by Jack Davenport) was
in Safeway Byres Road (or the Nelson Mandela Memorial Safeway as it should
be known, given that its stock policy is weighted heavily in favour of
hard-up students). I have no explanation for his presence, unless, of
course, he had sustained a massive bump to the head, had confused his real
life with his fictional aletr-ego and was in Glasgow looking to hook up once
again with Anna, his feisty fictional co-star, played by Daniella Nardini.
The bump, however, was so massive that he temporarily forgot Daniella
Nardini actually comes from Largs, not the West End.
  Allan Brown ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Dec 10, 1999

DRINKING IN TENNENTS- it was definately a Sunday although which Sunday is,
as already stated, rather vague due to time elapsed and alcohol consumption.
Was a jazz festival in progress, a blues festival, somebody enlighten Me.
  Martin Cowan ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Fri, Dec 10, 1999

I saw Joanna from High Road with her kid in Kelvingrove Park.
You would think her kid would get enough fresh air coming from Glendarrock.
  Rik ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Nov 10, 1999

Monday 23rd August Byres Road: Spotted the award winning Peter Mullen director and star of the film ‘A Man Named Joe’ a ‘gritty’ and ‘realistic’ depiction of drugs, crime and poverty in the housing estates of Glasgow.
  Jim Byrne ( [email protected] ) from Scotland on Wed, Oct 13, 1999


I say Paul Young actor and TV fisherman visiting the marriage bureau at Park Circus during Glasgows ‘open doors’ day. The interior of this building is absolutely amazing – elaborate and opulent plaster mouldings, columns colours and a richness of decoration you couldn’t imagine.
  Jim Byrne from Scotland ( [email protected] ) on Wed, Sep 22, 1999

Dr Gerard Carruthers, Director Robert Burns Centre, University of Glasgow
Janey Godley, Comedienne - West End Characters

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