John Young 25 November 1950 – 30th December 2011

john allotment

Our brother John died just the other day on 30th December 2011. It was very unexpected as he had been not been ill and had been very well and happy just the day before.

In many ways John could be considered to have had a very sad, even tragic, life as he acquired brain damage when he was only nine years old after contracting tetanus.

John had a number of disabilities including severe epilepsy and short term memory. Eleven years ago he sustained an injury while in hospital and this left him unable to walk without support and more recently he has been confined to a wheelchair.

Despite all John’s problems, he was a wonderful person. He was polite, considerate and loving and he brought joy into the lives of everyone who knew him. He took a lot of pleasure from simple things and loved going on outings, reading his books, watching television and most of all he loved to laugh and joke. Thankfully he did not suffer a long and painful illness and he was laughing and cracking jokes the day before he died.

John is going to leave a huge gap in our lives.

John’s Gallery

In Pat’s house speaking on the phone to his sister Catherine in Canada

Photo: christmas.

John with his two carers and best friends, Allan and Mo, at his 60th birthday party

Photo: allan john mo.

Gibson Street Gala

Photo: gibson street gala.

John going for a run in the car.

Photo: john in car.

With brother Drew at Old Kilpatrick Gala Day

Photo: john drew ok gala.

John with his brother Liam

Photo: liam and john.

John with Caitlin and Ryan

Photo: ryan john caitlin.

John at the allotment with Mo

Photo: john mo allotment.

John with Danny and owl and at Canal Festival with Paula, Allan and Ryan

Photo: john danny owl.

Photo: paula allan john ryan.

Photo: pat christmas.

Photo: allan john pat.

John as Pope John at Hallowe’en

Photo: john hallowe'en.

Photo: john and mo west end.

John loved going to the allotment

Photo: john allotment.

Photo: ryan danny john.

Photo: susanne john.

Photo: liam john pat.

Photo: john ryan caitlin allan.

John with old school friends Brenda and Kathleen

Photo: brenda kathleen john.

Photo: drew allan john old kilpatrick.

Photo: john allotment.

Photo: charlie liam john pat.

Photo: pat and john.

Photo: john water pistol.

Photo: john mo cafe.

Photo: john allan ryan.

Photo: caitlin communion.

Photo: two men.

Photo: john and pat.

Gala day in Old Kilpatrick

Photo: allan john ann ok hall.

Photo: john and suzanne.

Photo: john.

Photo: lunch.

Photo: john ryan.

Photo: john ryan allan allotment.


Some older photographs

Photo: john holding roger. Before John had his accident – this is him with Catherine and Danny and John is holding the baby Roger.

Photo: another family snap. Another family snap with John in the middle – also before his accident

Photo: John home from hospital.
When John came home from hospital – with our dad.

Photo: john and his dad.

Photo: family group roger's wedding. Seven of us at Danny’s Wedding. Roger, Catherine, Drew, Liam, John, Pat, Danny

Photo: sitting on john. Pat, Roger, John and Drew

Roger McColgan Young – our other brother who died in August, 2003.


Very sad to hear john has passed away, I can remember playing on the swings with john at the Callie and having good days when we were young, John was a very happy and great natured person, a very sad loss, truly missed, you probably cannot remember me but Drew will know who I am as we had really good days together and our love of music, say hello to him for me and give all my love to roger and the family. John you will be sorely missed my son, rest in piece mate, Bill low in essex xxx

sorry for your loss jason | Thu Dec 12 2013

Pat – thanks for sharing your lovely family photos – you were all blessed to have such a wonderful brother as John and he was blessed to have such a caring family. He is waatching over all of you now and will take care of you.
Maureen Smith Cochrane | Wed Feb 15 2012

Hi Pat, I was looking for Drew as I lost his number and saw your sad news. I am very sorry to read about John and Roger. They are great photos. I hope you and Michael and John are well and enjoying life.
Fran Cantelo | Sat Feb 11 2012

Hi Pat, Sorry to hear of your loss.
westender | Mon Jan 16 2012

Our beloved John meant the world to all his brothers and sisters. Although I am far away in Canada and did not get to see John as often, when we spoke on the phone, his laughter and rhymes made my day. John RIP you will be missed so much but never forgotten. Your sister, Catherine, brother in law, Alastair,and Lauren and Sean.
Catherine Aitken | Sat Jan 07 2012

So sorry to hear about your brother John. Looks like he will be well remembered. Great pics Pat. Best John
John Honeyman | Fri Jan 06 2012

You will miss him very much Auntie Pat. Rest in Peace Uncle John, love your niece Lauren in Canada
Lauren | Fri Jan 06 2012

hi pat looking at all the great photos all the great times came flooding back john was a great friend not just somebody to care for he will be missed dearly x
maurice | Thu Jan 05 2012

Pat, these are such lovely photographs which capture the happiness that John brought to all your lives. John will be sorely missed. Val xxx
Val Tonner | Tue Jan 03 2012

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