Two poems by Finola Scott: ‘Garlic’ and ‘Rhubarb’


(Image: Olga Oginskaya)

In the iron-dark shop

piled with companions

it’s functional

mottled  white on white    waiting

contained    wrapped in disguise

Beneath gauze veils    folded

in parchment  it parcels itself

cloaks taste    holds secrets

a cupped palm’s width of flavour

home on my worktop it casts

wing-thin skins &

Finola Scott.
Published in Sprung ( Wigtown Spring Fling 2015)
(Image by Hans Braxmeier)


waves its green

flag not surrender but


Bat-winged leaves umbrella

stalks red swollen with bitter


I think

of Marco Polo scouring

Tangut for roots almost

half a millennium ago

of Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo

waiting bowel-bound in

Samarkand for these bundles

swaying camel backed along

the Silk Road, cargo more precious

than musk, opium or pearls

to run sour down my chin

in this Scottish plot,

not sugar coated or

forced for me.

published in Dactyl 2015

Finola Scott.

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