March, 2012

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Hallo everyone - hope you're looking forward to the CEILIDH (Scottish all-ages family party) TONIGHT Friday 23 March at 7PM (SEVEN PM !) at St John's - Renfield Church in BEACONSFIELD ROAD, Kelvindale Glasgow G12 0NY. See attached picture. This church can be seen from Great Western Road. It is located on a hill on the other side of Great Western Road from Gartnavel Hospitals. If anyone has visited Heather at her home, it is literally, round the corner from her flat.

If you've still to buy your ticket you will be able to get one at the door - £3 for students £4 adults. There will be music and games, dancing and supper and you are invited to 'bring your own bottle.' This is a subtle way of saying you may bring alcohol, but of course, you choose what you drink yourself! So come and enjoy meeting new people from the five churches which have grouped together to organise the evening. There will be no International Welcome Club meeting in Wellington Church halls as we'll all be at the CEILIDH.

Next week - Friday 30 March

We invite everyone to bring a recipe or a dish from your country if you have any kind of festive fair to celebrate Easter or around this time of year for any other festival on your national calendar. And if you can't do either - then feel free to tell us of festive foods you've enjoyed in past times!

Photo: wellington memorial.Last week - Friday 16 March

We thank all the people who contributed to our store of knowledge on volunteers. Christine had guidance on what charity shops look for in a volunteer. Kate explained the work done by volunteers in the Wellington Church's Crypt Cafe which most people had visited. Lyn told us about the environmental things addressed by FRIENDS OF THE RIVER KELVIN (FORK) volunteers and issued invitations to their regular Saturday morning clean-ups along the River Kelvin and their Gala Day in the Botanic Gardens at Ha'penny Bridge House on Saturday 9 June. Shaylon brought her new friend Jack, the greyhound along to show that fostering a dog is a form of volunteering. Not only has she rescued an abandoned animal but she has turned its life around from its previous caged existence. Jack is the first four-legged member of the INTERNATIIONAL WELCOME CLUB we've had!

Brad completed the evening by offering the thought that volunteering regularly helps weave together the threads of a happy, healthy life for you personally and for your community. He'd also welcome volunteers to help him move a tonne of earth in the church's back garden!

We have to say FAREWELL to Keisuke and Tsubasa who both return to Japan around now. They go with our grateful thanks for their valued contributions to the Club. Not only did they recite some Burns poetry in January at our Chinese Burns Supper, they taught us how to fold paper in the art of Origami recently. Their samples were used in that week's church service and given to the children. In addition, they have been the reliable people who have put out our Club banner on the railings every Friday afternoon to invite anyone passing the door to come in. Then they have taken it down and putting it away safely at the end of the evening when the Club finishes. That careful work is now available to new VOLUNTEERS! Anyone who could do this should speak to Grace at the Ceilidh or email me on this email, please. We'll also be without Hua for the next three months as she travels around China in her research for her PhD. We wish everyone God's speed.

Looking forward to seeing you next week to talk about Easter food. We'll be back in Wellington Church halls at 7.30pm.
Grace on behalf of the Club Team - Heather, Christine, Brad, Olivia and David.

Best wishes
Grace Franklin
On behalf of Wellington Church INTERNATIONAL WELCOME CLUB
Mob: 07714324587

Any questions: phone Heather on 0141 339 7413 or Grace on : email


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