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Even in a world of digital downloads, there is still a place for vinyl and Metropolicana Records was formed with the intention of promoting and releasing new music on vinyl. It is process that has to be done right and the emphasis will always be on the quality of the finished product. Mastered in the UK and pressed in the Czech Republic, you'll be secure in the knowledge that your vinyl record has travelled far and wide to get to you. There's a shady guy known only as "the man with the plan" doing what is normally called A&R for the label so expect the eclectic.

Metropolicana Releases

BB002 - Uncle Leon - "The Bartender" b/w "Honky Tonk Ways"


ho hasn't fallen in love with a barmaid? Raise your hands. Who has made the fatal mistake of declaring your undying love for a barmaid whilst under the influence of shandy? Thought so. That's why New Yorker Uncle Leon wrote this song. He knows how it feels and he's got the pedal steel to prove it. On the flipside, he enlists the help of the wonderfully named Mimi LaValley to reflect on relationships (or something like that). This one was pressed on blue vinyl and mastered from the 24/96 digital master at Abbey Road.

BB003 - The Viragoes - "Escape From Glasgatraz" b/w "Madame Nicotine"

Clydebank's finest purveyors of pop songs pen an ode to the pleasures of city life and how home is in your heart even if you heart really wants to be somewhere else. In years to come, the flipside will be the soundtrack to forlorn memories of mistakes made. Pressed on blue vinyl and mastered at Abbey Road, this one will stick in your head.

BB004 - Sonny Marvello - "Easy Boys" b/w "We're All Cruel"

The damnably stylish Sonny Marvello hit the streets with this their debut single. Showing am embarrassing amount of pomp and style, the band take the moral high ground on the A side then flip themselves into something more of the night on the B side. The deluxe treatment seemed appropriate so this release comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on red vinyl. Mastering was done at Abbey Road


Photo: louise mcvey. BEP001 - Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete EP

Darkly gothic, melodramatic and powered by the voice of a siren, Louise McVey and Cracks in the Concrete release their first slice of vinyl. You get four haunting tracks of skewed guitar and shadows calling themselves "Ode", "Love Lust Tales", "Night" and "Maud". Too much for one man, this release was mastered by a wizard in Middle England and is pressed on white vinyl. Buy this and your soul becomes the property of Ms McVey. Garlic and silver bullets won't help you at all but feel free to try them.

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