Sunny Govan Radio, Glasgow Community Radio Station

Image: sun.Sunny Govan Community Radio 103.5FM - Broadcasting over Greater Glasgow

Sunny Govan radio is a community station which means that local people can say something about where they live. It gives an airing to views from local community groups and helps get their message across. The station is run and managed by volunteers although some precarious funding has been gained allowing some paid staff to be employed.

Amongst its objectives Sunny Govan radio hopes to:

"provide access to training, development and volunteering opportunities; to encourage local creative talent; to foster local traditions and to provide services for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our community." Writers, poets and songwriters have broadcast from the station's tiny studio. Glasgow groups and a twenty strong gospel choir have made magical music when confronted with a basic three microphone set up.

Turn on. Tune in to Sunny Govan Radio 103.5 FM ...your station your creation.

If you are a member of a community group, local charity or have something to say or sing e mail [email protected] You can also email requests, dedications etc or text 0779 7805 387