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sm helensburgh book.jpgVery busy lately with editing/proofreading/liaising with printer to get the Helensburgh’s souvenir book out in time for the launch on 24th May Now promised for Monday – or Tuesday…Have also been emailing all Scottish societies throughout the UK offering postal buys – worth a try.

Did get out to the Millennium Hall, Gartocharn, last Monday to hear the Alistair Pearson Memorial Lecture. Alistair Moffat was speaking on ‘Scotland, A Genetic History’. Excellent speaker, not one single ‘um’ or ‘er’, fluent throughout, interesting, extremely knowledgeable on his subject and conveyed his passion. The audience could have cheerfully listened to him for twice the time he spoke without exhibiting any signs of boredom. Absolutely fascinating.

Wednesday afternoon I went along with four of the Leven Litts (Alexandria Writers) to a workshop being run by Ann Donovan. She related very well with a disparate group, making everyone feel relaxed. My imitation of a dog (role play – don’t ask) amused people! A follow-up is next week – that’s the workshop, not the dog! The evening was a visit to the Alexandria Library to hear Bernard MacLaverty read two of his short stories. A great writer and a fabulous reader. These were all part of the yearly ‘booked!’ festival put on every year by West Dunbartonshire Libraries. Well done, them.

Greece 2010 343 acropolisMy own writing has gone somewhat astray but I have been looking at ‘things’ written in the past three years – that’s my entire writing life! Revising /editing/re-writing/consigning to oblivion… Decided to share some of these gems. That’s a very subjective/cynical description. In the first it might help if I tell you that Parthenon (παρθένος ) means Maiden. First time I read it to a group most looked bemused. The rest had the benefit of a Classical education. The picture gives the clue for the second.

Going Home/ Re-Birth ( Can’t decide on title)

The first time I saw her I knew I’d come home. She had been waiting for me, for my return, for years. She’d kept in touch, in her own way. Even though we’d never met, the ties were there. I’d just ignored them. But that old lady was patient and persistent. She knew that one day we would meet; the attachment was too strong to be ignored.

And now I was nearly there. As I looked out of the aeroplane window I could see her welcoming glow. The Maiden waiting for her child.

Spetses 2006 247A New Life, A New Home

The island rose over the horizon. The dolphin’s engine changed key as it went into its approach, its body seeming to curve slightly as it drew closer. Maybe to avoid hidden shoals.

The dolphin slowed as it drew near the mole. The crew went out onto the precarious outer rim throwing lines to anyone prepared to catch and fasten them to the bollards, curling them round to take up the slack, slowing drawing the dolphin close until it lay alongside. A crew member jumped ashore to tighten the lines and make them ‘safe’.

A shaky gangplank put in place, passengers disembarked, as if being disgorged from the belly of a real dolphin. Luggage, mail sacks, newspapers and assorted goods were thrown haphazardly onto the mole. Within a few minutes, it was all over. The dolphin had swallowed new passengers, luggage, mail sacks and goods. Ropes were released, coiled and secured.

The dolphin slowly reversed swinging its bow to face the open sea. As quickly as it had come, it began its return journey, slipping quietly over the horizon, leaving me behind to start a new life, in a new home…

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