Mary Irvine: Reporting from Greece – interim 3.

Olive Trees – Art Poskanzer


Olive Trees – Art Poskanzer

Olive Trees – Art Poskanzer

Don’t like admitting this but I was ‘stood up’ yesterday for only the second time in my life. First was when in the Sixth Form. Had met a young man at the local Locarno.

Arranged to meet the next night but he didn’t turn up. Could have been something to do with slight inebriation. Him, not me. Next saw him on bus as I was on way to school in full uniform. He was the conductor. I digress – again.

Had arranged to meet Costas at Spetsiotika. I arrived to be met with ‘Costas has telephoned to say his stomach is worse (he’d returned from a trip to Cuba with an upset tum). You’re to have lunch anyway and he’ll pay later.’

Didn’t overdo the meal. Octopus in oil and vinegar, tzatziki, saganaki – always sounds as tho’ it should have a connection with Japan, and a large Amstel (non-alcoholic). Latter tasted surprisingly like real beer.

Up at 5 today. Do like to see the sunrise, just to make sure it’s there. Thundered last night but no rain. People were hoping I would bring some from Scotland! All the crops will suffer but the olive harvest will fail totally unless there is some rain soon. People just can’t afford to water that amount of need.

kite flying  aristotle koskinas

kite flying aristotle koskinas

Worked for a couple of hours and then had breakfast. Set off for the monastery at 8, thinking that’s when they ‘open’. Had been changed to 9 so was too early to ring the bell! Didn’t mind as I just sat enjoying the silence, apart from the rustle of the leaves. Really atmospheric. Sister Salome (honest!) appeared when they knew it was me. Invited in for coffee and cake. Told my Greek was better than it had been and why? Probably felt more confident, relaxed. Who knows?
           She went with me to the little house. Paid my respects to my friend whose bones lie there. Handed over the usual donation. Went for a long walk. Lots of new concrete about. Must be something to do with low maintenance. Much preferred the grass. Also noted most of the graves in the cemetery next to the monastery have plastic flowers. More low maintenance? I abhor them. Would rather see nothing.

In between all this am managing to do some writing. People actually coming up to me and asking to be in the book. They even want their own names used. Told you word soon gets around on this island.
Got a busy weekend ahead. Friday night Bar Spetsai is opening for the season Going there with Demi and Alexandros.

Carnavali and Katheri Deutera

Then it’s Carnavali, called here Apokrias, fun and games that even old people can join in! Monday is Katheri Deutera, Clean Monday, which is a sort of Orthodox Shrove Tuesday. Kite flying takes place when all your angst is carried away into the air.
Be in touch soon. Byee…


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