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The following was written by Steven Hastings who has been supporting Balloch Open Mic zoom meetings on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing, Steven.

Steven Hastings – My Poetry

I write poetry but not sure if I’m a poet.

I write my poems and then type them.  Sometimes I start by putting a word down the side of the page, then use each letter to write a sentence but doesn’t always stay that way. Most of the time I just write what I want and try to make it rhyme as much as I can.

‘I’m getting there’ started when, in October 2019, a Mental Health recovery event happened in Levengrove Park, Dumbarton.  I was to write and read my mental health recovery story. I also wanted to read a poem.  I was unsure what to write, but then the first line came to me in my best writing place, my bed.  I remembered someone I phoned for help saying something like I’d feel better when I was ready, that’s where the idea came from. The last four lines came to me when typing up the first few sentences. The last part is about me getting out more, joining classes and clubs.  Also, about how Stepping Stones, which is a mental health organisation for West Dunbartonshire, helped me. They still support me. I’ve been told the last line ‘I gave myself a hug’ should be on a T-shirt.

I’m Getting There

You’ll Get there when you’re ready someone said to me                                                           I need your help just now I thought                                                                                         I’m desperate, can’t you see?                                                                                                           Of course, I never said that. Instead I just agreed

I felt like this for a while                                                                                                       That I could not feel just right                                                                                   Whatever feeling right may be                                                                                             And this I struggled to see

One Day I started doing more                                                                                             Like joining a few clubs                                                                                                         I got support from Stepping Stones                                                                                             And gave myself a hug

‘Spring is Nearly Here’ was written this year for a Spring themed competition in the West Dunbartonshire Community Magazine the Clydesider.  I thought about what happens in Spring, then finished with two lines to reflect the situation of Covid 19.

Spring is Nearly Here

Snowdrops appearing from the ground                                                                             Soon Spring will be found                                                                                      Daffodils will start to bloom                                                                                            Yes, Spring will be here soon                                                                                       Lighter days and lighter nights                                                                                             Soon Spring will be in sight                                                                                              New born lambs and bunnies too                                                                                Spring is the start of something new                                                                                Things may not seem great just now                                                                                But Spring may help us feel good somehow

Steven Hastings

And a wee heads-up…

The Open Mic at the Balloch House Hotel is planned to re-start on Monday, September 6th. Prompt start at 7 p.m.

August, 2021

Balloch Open Mic returns to Balloch House Hotel
Balloch Open Mic on Zoom 5 July, 2021

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