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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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    I was born in Dunaskin Street, Partick Cross Glasgow in 1950. The family name was Corbett. Never knew it was called the West End. We were in an old tenement no toilets inside unlike the folk in Thurso Street and Dumbarton Road My auntie Bridie Smith lived in Thurso Street -there and she thought she was posh. My Mother Winifred Welsh was also born in Dunaskin Street, used to be called Newton Street - just behind Partick Cross. My mother married a William Corbett who I never got to meet. I have happy memories playing in the swing park at the top of the street next to St.Simon's Church. I went to St. Peter's girl school from 1955 before we moved to Maryhill in 1961. The street was pulled down and all the community gone. I have been back but all so different other than the old church. My mother lost touch with everyone including her brother Michael Welsh who went off to Canada in the early 1920's. He became a Mounty and married a Nurse - My Grandparents came from the West coast of Ireland. Co. Mayo and Rosscommon. I remember my Granny she was very tall and lived at 12 Dunaskin Street, mad as a brush though - she died when I was six. They were really happy days back there. We made loads of money running messages for folk including to the Bookie at the other end of the street. The street community used to build a great fire for 5th November - It was put out regularly because we were so close to York Hill hospital. Street parties was another delight and all those outfits made out of coloured paper. Street games too from playing ropes to kick the can. Climbing over the playground gates at night to play on the workie. The best of all was all those lovely old classic cars that parked in our street when anything was on at The Kelvin Hall. We had fun believe me...... If there is anyone out there who remembers those days, please get in touch.
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