Ian Mitchell - Getting to know Glasgow: walks, facts and historical developments.

Glasgow Central StationIan Mitchell brings Glasgow's inner city to life with fascinating historical detail and information about modern day developments. He takes us on a walk around the Gorbals, Bridgeton, The Teutcher Trail and out to Carbeth and Greenock. You will enjoy finding out about these areas and be motivated to investigate them for yourself.

Also on this Web site you can find a chapter from Ian's book:'Walking through Scotland's history' Women Walking June, 2001.

You can also read a chapter of Mountain Outlaw Ian's latest book and his first mountain novel. It's a cracker - presenting the fascinating story of Ewan MacPhee, Scotland's last bandit.

Find out more about Ian R. Mitchell and his writing.

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Will be in Glasgow early July 2014 and your walks sound very interesting. Are you still doing them, which ones and how do I contact you? Particularly interested in old Glasgow, areas which haven't been revitalized. Thanks, Susan

Susan | Thu Jun 05 2014

here man this is pure interesting. a pueheavy didny know aw that man. pure mintit. will look it man toon differently noo. cheers mucker moan the bukkie. Cfc NO.1!!

Steven Carrick | Thu Oct 12 2006

I love to hear about my own home town & district , this looks like a great way to do it!

Bill Cogan | Mon Jun 12 2006

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