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  1. Bujt therz no much chance of seein him live................
  2. mibbe jist as well if he disnae go and see Je3rry Sadowitz then..........................
  3. Some years ago dyoorin ra privatizashun boom, we were supplyin IT consultancy and IT servbces intae a large utility. I twas tae be privatised - at a huge cost tae ra taxpayer - the fact that its fyyotchur pointed tae no makin a prfit in a months of Sundays didnae matter (they had huge costs comin along roon ra corner) They spent money on this like wattur, veritabley chuckin cash at anything & everything - this resulted in people spendin a forchoon on shares, the inevitable share price rise and then fall as reality set in. Anyways they built a big new HQ in Embra, chucked money at it an
  4. It wisnae an edit it wizz a censor Feel free tae dae as yoo like, am no' stoppin' yoo. If am already contributin tae a topic it's already opened and cannae be opened again
  5. Could I also point out that in no way do I believe our resident #### (truth self censored by notanimby ) does actually know how to spell or use correct grammar.
  6. Back on Topic efter bein so rudely interupted http://www.jerrysadowitz.com/ It may seem a pretty pish website but alas its meant to be
  7. Ah Frankie Boyle - ra furst comedy tribute act ever. He emulates Jerry Sadowitz wae every performance, obvioulsy Frankie boy recognises greatness tae
  8. Jings away oot there in ra midlle of naewhere and an ice cream van turns up
  9. Er naw - kin yoo show me werr ah huv mentioned yoor mysojinny or even yer support for a corrupt criminal organisashun and thur paedophile employees
  10. Well as ra SNP ur the govt, probably yes - the rules on home skoolin wurr oruiginally implemented by his party - but he's too styoopit (ur he thinks we urr) tae remember that Yoo see him wanderin roon tescos wae his trolley goggle eyed at fklshin lights an stuff, its awunner that he disnae get knocked doon when oot himself. Wae him and his stablemate Davy Cairns Inverclyde isnae very well catered fur wae politishuns renowned fur huvvin hauf a brain - Davy Cairhns cannae coont as he furgot aboot ra extra £3000 he claimed on his expenses and hudtae pay it back He's also an ex-priest,
  11. spreddin ra word aboot devolyooshin, independensh etc etc Things like how much dae yooz pay fur yer prescripshuns? followed on by thats expensive haw haw haw
  12. yes but only wan person in ra room wiz goin heeeeehaw, heeeeehaw
  13. No really "livin" doon here jist visitin furr a few days a week - daein mishunary work whilst am here
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