Scottish Colourists works come home to Scotland

Photo: spring in glasgow. Colour, Rhythm and Form: J. D. Fergusson and France

Hunterian Art Gallery

10 September 2011 - 8 January 2012

Admission £5 (£3 concession)

From 10 September, visitors to the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Art Gallery will have the chance to see three important Scottish Colourist paintings, from the collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

The paintings are the highlight of 'Colour, Rhythm and Form: J. D. Fergusson and France', a new exhibition which marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Scottish artist J. D. Fergusson (1874 -1961). Fergusson is one of Scotland's most important 20th century artists and a key member of the internationally renowned group known as the Scottish Colourists.

The three works, 'La Dessee de la Riviere' by J. D. Fergusson, 'La Foret' by S.J. Peploe and 'Lac Lomond' by G.L. Hunter, are on loan to The Hunterian from the French Government and will be on display together in the UK for the first time.

Although the term 'Scottish Colourist' was not used until much later, Fergusson, Peploe and Hunter exhibited together in Paris as Les Peintres de l'Ecosse Moderne (Modern Scottish Painters) in 1924 and Les Peintres Ecossais (The Scottish Painters) in 1931. On the opening day of the 1931 exhibition, the French Government bought 'La Dessee de la Riviere' by Fergusson, 'La Foret' by Peploe and 'Lac Lomond' by Hunter for the French National Art Collection - a great accolade for the artists and for Scottish art.

Fergusson's work epitomised a new spirit in Scottish painting which was closely linked to developments abroad. His lifelong engagement with France began with trips to Paris in the 1890s and from then France was of vital importance to him as inspiration, studio and home. 'Colour, Rhythm and Form' highlights this enormous influence and demonstrates how it inspired him to produce his most substantial work.

The exhibition is organised into four main sections covering Fergusson's time in Paris, in the South of France, the breakthrough Colourist exhibitions in Paris and finally his return to Glasgow. It consists of around 50 paintings, watercolours, drawings and sculptures alongside a range of archive material.

The Hunterian's significant Fergusson collection is at the heart of the show with 'Les Eus' and 'Anne Estelle Rice, Closerie des Lilas' amongst the key works, as well as two significant recent acquisitions, the bronze head 'Eastre' and the oil painting 'In the Woods, Cap d'Antibes'. Loans from across Scotland also feature, including Stirling University Art Collection's seminal 'Rhythm' and a number of important works from the Fergusson Gallery in Perth, including 'Le Manteau Chinois' and 'Self Portrait'.

'Colour, Rhythm and Form' is accompanied by a range of special events including a series of 10 minute lunchtime talks, an evening lecture titled 'J.D. Fergusson in Context', Saturday art classes for children inspired by the exhibition, and a one-day symposium organised by the University's Department for Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) examining Fergusson's contribution to art in Britain and France.

Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, 82 Hillhead Street, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Our opening hours are changing. From 10 September The Hunterian will open Tuesday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm and Sunday 11.00am - 4.00pm.

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