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Akira, GFT, 13 – 16 August, 2017


Regarded by many as a landmark production for Japan, Akira's critical acclaim and box office success paved the way for the growth of anime culture across the world. 2030 Neo-Tokyo, which has sprung from the ruins of World War III, is experiencing a prolonged period of civil unrest. When Tetsuo, a young biker with telekinetic powers, is abducted by the military and used as an unwitting guinea pig for top-secret experiments, it falls to his best friend Kaneda to rescue him before it’s too late. A phenomenal achievement in animation that has rightly become a classic of Japanese cinema. 

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GFT, 12 Rose Street, G3 6RB

Silent Movie Extravaganza at Citizen M, Renfrew Street, 12 August, 2017
Something Wild, GFT, 13 and 15 August, 2017

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