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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

Nardini Byres Road

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I think you've hit the nail on the head, rory. It's good to have the variety and people will go where they fancy and where they find affordable. I'm not an ice cream hand but I might pop into Nardini's for a coffee and scone. That certainly won't break the bank and, as you say, the spaciousness is appealing.

My favourites still remain the same: Avenue G, you just can't beat the tastiness and price of their mackerel pate and oatcakes - enough for sharing, and Sonny and Vito's. S & V's is pricey but everything is fresh and delicious.

Top of the tree is Little Italy. There's always a pleasant buzz about the place and those pizza slices are lip-smackingly good and such a bargain. They're minestrone soup is also out on its own.

I also like Smug on Great George Street. It is a squish together sorta place but the staff are lovely and I like their Chai Latte.

We're spoiled for choice.

They are all good in their own way Pat but Nardini's is already a favourite with our crowd at work. Perhaps it is just the novelty of someplace new. The scones are enormous but you can share. Funnily enough I was never attracted to Mortons but I like where Nardini's is situated.

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