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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Hi, Sorry for not being in touch for a long while (poss about a year). I am getting involved in the westend and have attended St Mary's Cathederal and found out about a few Meditation Places and am looking for inexpenisve places that can do Vegan, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free Food to eat in. I would like to make new friends and find new places to go. For example in nice weather Glasgow botanics is nice and the greenhouses are nice in the colder weather as well. Hope to start properly getting to know all of the westend in the new year. Yours Aimee Brooks
  2. Hi, I would love to meetup in the new year as I hope to move to glasgow westend sometime soon, possably next year, as I live in Edinburgh just now with emotional baggage. I would be travelling from edinburgh by bus 900 to the main bus station then travel to westend area so would need directions. are you going to make this a monthly thing or just when it happens? Hope to meet with you in the new year and have a nice time.
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