The Story of Little Robin: a Christmas Story for Children by Frankie Gault

robinOnce upon a time there lived a small bird whose name was Little Robin. He was playful, obedient to his parents, always respected his elders and tried to help whenever he could. He wasn’t shy and always tried to speak the truth. At this time all robins were brown in colour and they lived in a place called the Friendly Forest. Our story begins there, on a day when Little Robin was playing with the other young birds.

It was nearly Christmas so they were all very excited. As they played they asked each other what toys they hoped Santa was going to bring them but some of the older Starlings arrived and began to tease them. These Starlings were naughty and were always tormenting the younger birds. They told the robins that there was no such person as Santa Claus. When the little birds heard this they were very upset. Now, Little Robin was upset too, but he tried to help his friends.

“Don’t listen to those naughty Starlings,” he said. Though deep down he was sad because he wondered if the Starlings knew something that all the little birds didn’t. He always believed that elders knew better but he wondered if he could find out for certain about Santa Claus, then he could tell all his friends and they could be happy again.

When he returned home Little Robin’s mummy looked at him and knew that he was troubled. “What’s on your mind my little son? I can see something is upsetting you.”

When he had finished telling his mother all about the Starlings she wrapped him in her wings. “Don’t worry about things like that, just you keep being the obedient, well mannered little bird that you have always been and you will be well rewarded in your life.”

As he climbed into bed that night Little Robin could think of nothing else but Santa Claus and if he really existed. Before his little eyes had closed he decided what he was going to do. He would fly to Lapland to find Santa Claus.

The very next morning, while it was still dark and before his parents had stirred, he got up and quietly left his home. His great adventure had begun.

bird-jackdaw-corvus-monedulaWhen he reached the edge of the forest he was tired so he settled on a branch to catch his breath. Suddenly a large Jackdaw landed on the branch beside him and said. “Are you not a bit out of your way here my young friend?”

Little Robin was a little nervous but he replied, “Well yes, but I am going to Lapland to find Santa Claus so that I can tell all my friends that he is real. If you can point me in the right direction I’ll be on my way.”

The Jackdaw smiled at this and thought for a second before saying “Tell you what small feathers, you climb on my back and I will take you as far as I am able. Agreed?”

When he heard this Little Robin jumped up and cried “Agreed!” And off they flew. After many miles they came to the coast and the Jackdaw swooped down and landed on the edge of a cliff. “This is as far as I can take you little one. Perhaps you will find another bird who will take you on the next part of your journey? I wish you well.”

“Safe journey Mr. Jackdaw, and thanks,” Little Robin called as the Jackdaw flew up into the sky. Little Robin began to feel lonely in this strange place but soon a friendly Puffin landed beside him and said: “You are looking slightly lost and ruffled little one can I help you?”

“I am trying to reach Lapland. Mr Puffin, to visit Santa Claus. Can you help me?” “Why of course I will,” said Mr Puffin and he drew closer, ‘Climb onto my back and I will take you as far as I dare.”

pufifinOur small friend was very excited – he was going to meet Santa at last. After many, many miles of flight the wind began to blow very hard and the sea below became storm-tossed and angry.

The Puffin was very tired and landed on a small rock. The waves crashed against the rock and Little Robin felt scared as he knew that the Puffin would have to leave him but he tried to be brave. “You have been so kind Mr. Puffin I wish you a safe return.”

The Puffin flapped his strong wings and took off into the sky. “Good Luck,” he shouted and then he was gone leaving Little Robin all alone.

The sky was dark, the wind howled and the sea boiled, Little Robin felt very afraid and wished that he was back home. He thought he must be the loneliest bird in the world, when suddenly an enormous Sea-Eagle landed on the rock beside him.

“You are in great danger little bird. Why are you so far from home?”

When our friend finished explaining his mission to the giant bird the Sea-Eagle took pity on him and said, “Well, you’ve not far to go, little one, so climb on my back and I will take you.” And so Little Robin was off again.

When they reached a snow-covered land the Eagle flew down and Little Robin got off. “You must find your own way now, good luck little bird,” he said. He flapped his huge wings and then was gone.

sea-eagle-flying-on-the-skyThe snow was blinding as Little Robin flew, then walked, then flew and then walked some more until he was exhausted. He rested on the snow and was almost asleep when he felt two big eyes staring at him. It was a reindeer. “Hello little bird, I see you’ve arrived at last. By the way my name is Rudolph.”

When he heard this Little Robin became so very excited that he forgot how tired and hungry he was and quickly told Rudolph his tale. Then Rudolph said “Santa knew you were coming so he sent me to meet you. If you sit on my head I’ll take you to him. You do realise that this is our busiest time of the year. Tonight is Christmas Eve.”

“Christmas Eve!!” Little Robin had completely forgotten.

Then he worried about his parents and how they told him never to go off on his own. He guessed he’d be in a lot of trouble when he got home.

“Let’s visit the Workshop first before you meet Santa,” said Rudolph.

They arrived at a great door and Rudolph kicked it with his hoofs. In a few seconds a little elf opened the door. Little Robin could not believe his eyes. For as far as his eyes could see there were hundreds of little elves hammering and sawing, painting and sewing ¬– busy making toys for children all over the world. The Workshop was a frenzy of activity as elves hurried round checking each toy to make sure it was perfect. The noise was incredible and Little Robin’s head was spinning as he tried to take everything in.

“Nearly ready I see.” Rudolph said. “Now it’s time for you to meet the Great Man himself.”

As they left the workshop and headed towards Santa’s Grotto Little Robin thought he would faint with excitement. Suddenly they came upon a sleigh with eight reindeer all harnessed and ready to go. Little Robin could hardly believe his eyes. Santa was standing beside them. His great red suit was absolutely spotless, a big smile on his face.

“What have we here Rudolph, a visitor?”

sana ornRudolph motioned Little Robin to come forward and Santa said: “Are you the little bird I’ve been hearing about; the one who has travelled all these miles to see me, who doesn’t believe his own parents when they tell him about me? Who has caused his parents so much worry, are you this little bird?”
Little Robin began to cry and Santa said “Hush little bird. You can make it up to them when you get home. You can ride in my sleigh tonight when we deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. Your lesson will be to always trust your parents but for now you will sit in my top pocket. Rudolph, take your place at the head of the reindeer.”

After Rudolph had hitched on to the sleigh Santa checked everything once again before taking his place in the great sleigh. All the elves had gathered to say goodbye to Little Robin and to wish Santa and the reindeer a safe journey. Little Robin climbed into his breast pocket and then Santa called out each reindeer’s name to make sure they were all fine.

“Comet and Cupid!” The reindeer tossed their heads up and down.”Donner and Blitzen, Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen.” Little Robin was thrilled by this “And you Rudolph?” When Rudolph tossed his head in the air Santa let out a roar and they were on their way. Santa shouted encouragement to the reindeer as they crashed through the night sky.

The night wore on and Little Robin could see that although it was very cold Santa was sweating as he pulled the reins this way and that way, steering his charges through the freezing air. The sweat ran down Santa’s face and onto Little Robin, who was looking out of his pocket. The little bird didn’t notice this as he was very excited as they delivered the gifts for hour upon hour. Eventually, the sleigh stopped at the edge of the Friendly Forest.

“The dye from my suit has given you a beautiful red breast. That is my gift to you, I hope you like it,’ Santa said to Little Robin. “Go home now little bird, and take heed of all that I have told you.” In a twinkle, Santa and the reindeer were gone.

Little Robin crept into his house and climbed into bed. He thought about his great journey and it filled him with joy and wonder. Then he thought about how his Mummy and Daddy must have worried about him and this made him cry. Then he heard their voices: “Why are you crying Little Robin, today is Christmas Day?”

George Square George Square[/caption]

With tears in his eyes our little friend told his parents about his great adventure but became puzzled when they laughed at him.

“My Darling Son, you haven’t left your bed all night. I always look in on you. You have slept very peacefully. It was a dream Robin. A beautiful dream, but a dream nevertheless,” said his Mummy.

Little Robin lay back in his bed, how could this have been a dream, he thought. Then his Mummy called “Come Robin, come and join your brothers and sisters. Come and open your presents.”

Little Robin’s family had all gathered together and everyone was chatting excitedly and opening their presents when our friend walked in. When they looked at him everybody went totally silent. His Mummy then said “Little Robin, you have the most beautiful red breast, where did you get your lovely red breast from?”

Robin looked down at his red breast and smiled. “I told you Mummy, I got it from Santa.”

And ever since that day boys and girls, every single new born Robin has the very same beautiful red breast, and it’s all thanks to our wonderful friend Little Robin.

by Frankie Gault, 2013


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    A very well written and delightful Christmas Story.

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    Thank you very much Sally.

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    A change from your usual writing. I’ll pass the link on to my great-nephews and nieces.

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    Great imagination in this wee story. Loved it.

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