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Shucks Seafood Restaurant, 168 Hyndland Road, Glasgow G12 9HZ

Walking into Shucks the first thing you notice is how warm and inviting it is – with gorgeous exposed wooden beams along the ceiling, walls hand painted with images of the seaside, wooden, cream and blue tones and golden fixtures and accents throughout. The warm tones of the restaurant match the atmosphere. Despite this event being an exclusive soft launch, it was full of people all obviously very excited, and from the night that I experienced it was clear to see why.

Shucks manages to feel very modern, but elegant and classic at the same time. They have an extensive selection of wines and champagnes which are displayed in a custom-made wall mounted wine rack next to the finely constructed bar, where I received the best clover club cocktail and the best vodka martini I’ve ever had in my life, from their work it’s evident the bar staff are highly skilled at their trade. Overall, the décor is stunning and the whole restaurant looks beautiful.

We were seated in a booth upstairs and various foods were brought out to sample throughout the night. A few of these exquisite dishes were a crumpet with crème fraiche and smoked salmon, spicy beef tartare on a shrimp cracker, oysters in a homemade green chilli oil, beer battered cod with homemade tartare sauce and langoustine with mandarin chilli. The combination of flavours from the food was divine, everything tasted so fresh, it was absolutely delicious.

A member of staff demonstrated his skills filleting a whole turbot which was then served to the clientele with a beurre blanc, caviar and chive sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection and practically melted in your mouth.


The staff were knowledgeable, accommodating, genuinely kind and eager to answer any queries you have regarding cocktails, drinks and dishes. They really went above and beyond to make the whole night special, it was clear to see they were very proud of the work they’ve put into this restaurant, and proud to serve and display the menu they had.

A return visit is eagerly anticipated, I had a fabulous time and have no qualms recommending this restaurant to everybody.

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Sarah Clare Young, March, 2022

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