New Collection of Poems: Poor Wurld by Jim Ferguson

poor wurld

Poor Wurld by Jim Ferguson

Published by Speculative Books.

“Each one of these poems is a tribute to the 99% of people struggling to get by and deal with the psychological stress of life on the poverty margins.’ Tracy Patrick.

Read ‘growin pains” a poem from the collection

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Jim Ferguson New Poetry – Poor Wurld

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Podcast: Pat Byrne chats to Jim Ferguson on Jim and Pat’s West End Chat 

growin pains – Poor Wurld

oan thi phone
ti ma maw
like a big wean
ah um noo
drunk n greetn
n no grown up
needin sumhn
no known whut
ah wuz thinkin
mibby wance
thi wurks aw done
if ever its startit
ahl grow up
be a man
a scottish man
stawn oan ma ain
two feet
presbyterian n proud
but naw no me
ah dont like
that predestination
theology uv thi elect
wi eyes uv needles
n redundant camels
n self-made men
undertakin thi
arrogant task uv
civilisin thi civilised
wi christian kindness
n economic brutality
ah dont wahnti
grow like that

Jim Ferguson (March, 2020)

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