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Have just been checking emails. Know I told people not to email incase there was no signal up in the mountains so why am I disappointed the only ones are those we instantly delete. That’s rhetorical!

Left home c 3.20 on 15th. Hadn’t been to bed, Needed to keep checking –  passport, ticket, money! Son drove me to Edinburgh airport. Usual grumble about having to pay a pound to drop me off. Checked-in on line, automatic bag-drop. Wondered round shops/restaurants. Couldn’t be bothered to enter any. Never did like shopping of any description. Finally decided on hot chocolate at Costa.
Went to special assistance. Always knew I was special. Won’t play the sympathy card but can no longer stand in long queues (security).or walk long distances at a speed that would get me to the boarding gate before the aeroplane departs. Easyjet appear to have a monopoly on the far reaches of the airport. Had a nice young man (from Falkirk, used to be in IT, didn’t like it, lives with girlfriend, planning trip to Loch Lomond, not interested? Won’t tell you the rest then)) who wheeled me through all the procedures and actually carried my hand luggage up the aeroplane steps, holding back the other passengers. They didn’t seem to mind.

There was a slight hiccup at security but nothing that the new full body scanner didn’t sort out. Security was much tighter than my last flight. Flight 20 mins late but was asleep before the engines revved so I presume the safety drill was the same as usual. Woke and had another hot chocolate. No, am not addicted. Don’t drink any form of instant coffee and tea can be disappointing. Had a couple of walks up the aisle. Marvelled at the 90% or so who never moved. Maybe they’re not worried re circulation, dvt etc.. Wheelchair waiting, luggage collected. Then across the road to the proastiakos (suburban) train to Corinth. Was pleased enough Greek came back to get the right ticket and also to get the special rate for O.A.Ps.

Esther waiting for me. I’d phoned her to say I was on the train (after a minor panic to find the right Greek server) so she set off from Epidavros.. She was waiting on the platform. Halfway up a mountain road, on quite a sharp bend the car broke down. There was no acceleration at all – in any gear. Welcome to Greece. So I’ll leave it there for now as the sun is beckoning – some 15◦ be back soon…

Mary Irvine, February, 2017

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