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Film Festival Continues 5 – 13 August, 2021

Europe: Which Children Matter?

Thursday 05 August, 6:00pm
Queen’s Park Arena (Venue 18)

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Director: Jenne Magno

Walk a year in the shoes of children in the migrant communities of Europe who have been systematically blocked out of education.

75 minutes , Czech Republic/UK, 2016
Language: English, Czech and Slovak Subtitles: English/Czech. This screening has been programmed in collaboration with Community Renewal.


Thursday 05 August, 8:00pm
Queen’s Park Arena (Venue 18)
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Věra Chytilová

A neo-dadaist farce full of extravagant visual effects, sensuous décor and fascinating experiments with colour. This film mixes social observation, feminist comment and formal experiment in one exhilarating journey.

Cast: Jitka CerhováIvana Karbanová, Julius Albert

76 minutes , Czechoslovakia, 1966
Language: Czech

The Queen of Silence

Friday 06 August, 6:00pm
Queen’s Park Arena  (Venue 18)
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Agnieszka Zwiefka

Denisa, an ‘illegal citizen’ of a gypsy camp in Poland. Her disabilities keep her mute but she expresses herself through imitating her favourite Bollywood dancers.

82 minutes, Poland, 2014
Language: Polish, Roma. Subtitles: English This screening has been programmed in collaboration with Romano Lav.

Space is The Place + Shorts

Saturday 07 August, 8:00pm
Batson Street Laboratory (Venue 7)
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Director: John Coney

Sun Ra’s iconic Afro-Futurist, sci-fi   is a combination of neo-blaxploitation, performance footage, and a signal to his brothers and sisters that Outer Space. This screening will be preceded by a programme of shorts exploring Afro-Futurism introduced and curated by local artist and Govanhill resident Natasha Ruwona.

Cast: Barbara Deloney, Sun Ra, Raymond Johnson

85 minutes, USA, 1974
Language: English

The Spark Divine and Introductory Talk

Monday 09 August, 8:00pm
Batson Street Laboratory (Venue 7)
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Director: Sarah Thomas

Made to celebrate the hundred birthday of renowned Glasgow artist Hannah Frank (1908 – 2008), who lived in Govanhill for a significant part of her life and studied at the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. Introductory talk from the University of Glasgow, History of Art Department.

25 minutes, United Kingdom, 2008

Language: English
This screening has been programmed in collaboration with the University of Glasgow and Fiona Frank and will accompany an exhibition of Frank’s work for the festival.

Screening Programmed in Collaboration with Glasgow Zine Library

Wednesday 11 August, 8:00pm
Batson Street Laboratory (Venue 7)
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The Garden and Introductory Talk

Thursday 12 August, 8:00pm
Batson Street Laboratory (Venue 7)
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Director: Derek Jarman

An intimate insight into Jarman’s inner world, shot on Super-8, movingly utilising a cast of iconic, religious figures that include Jesus, Judas and the Madonna. This film will be introduced by Jarman’s long-term collaborator and producer James Mackay and is presented as part of our Modern Nature reading and gardening group.

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Johnny Mills, Kevin Collins, Spencer Leigh

92 minutes, United Kingdom, 1991, Cert. 15
Language: English

All Her Beautiful Green Remains In Tears, Introduction and Shorts

Friday 13 August, 8:00pm
Batson Street Laboratory (Venue 7)
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Director: Amy Cutler

An evening of curated shorts present by artist, academic and filmmaker Amy Cutler. AHBGRIT consists of re-edited footage from Walt Disney’s Nature’s Half Acre (1951), with a new narrative by an A.I. that learned its existence from romance novels.

11 mins plus additional shorts , United Kingdom, 2018
Language: English

Wee Films by Unity Sisters

Wednesday 11 August, 5:00 to 5.30pm
Online event (free)

My Glasgow

A young woman takes us on a journey to her new home: Glasgow. Within the small and ordinary details of her new life, she finds memories from her motherland.


Sisterhood is a poetry film about loneliness which all asylum seeker women experience. In this poem, Syeda from Unity sisters talks about how she and her sisters face loneliness and longing during the asylum process and how sisterhood helps to cope with those feelings.

I Am More Than a Title

In this collaborative film, Unity Sisters talk about their lives before asylum and how people are more than the titles like  “refugee” and “asylum seeker”.

Unity Sisters is a self-organised community group for women going through the asylum seeker and refugee system in Glasgow.

They support each other, empowering themselves and strengthening their resilience as they deal with the emotional and practical hardships of being in a different country, navigating language and integration barriers. The group currently has 67 participants with different backgrounds, coming from 19 different countries.

Further information.

Govanhill Film Festival

Zola at GFT
Fallen Angels, GFT

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