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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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not horseshoe either

it's board has just been banned

You'll need to tell us more about the board banning, tig.

Is the image of The Bon Accord. Just thinking of your busy road clue.

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not the Bon accord or the crystal palace

you may "break a leg" across the road.

it's humorous boardage was recently banned by the council and there was a wee Facebook campaign to keep it

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I would never have guessed the Griffin, not been inside for years! I hadn't heard about the sign being banned tig, can you tell us more?

as far as i know the council told them to remove it because it was on the pavement and might hurt someone.... it wasnt chained to the railings and has previously been used as a fighting aid by someone (im not sure if both events are linked tho.)

fb link > http://www.facebook.com/events/397839593563352/

oh and heres said usage of signage in fightage


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stella probably lol

soz lynnski i did try and just add the link instead of showing the vid

Right, I am so not watching that vid :lol: I hadn't heard about that at all actually. The 'break a leg' thing suddenly became clear to me last night, I don't know why I didn't make the theatre connection earlier! So who won that, Maggs? Geez a picture then Maggs!! :)

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Blast, I pass a very similar set of fascades with obscure name plates stuck on them just as you enter the gorbals, was sure that was it.

Sorry! :lol:

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