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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

Christmas in Glasgow

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Twas the office advent calendar, and Friday was my day. Its a special advent calendar full of small gifts such as soaps, candles etc

Opened it to find two samples of Clarins anti-aging serum - either someone is trying to tell me something or someone has sneakily switched gifts, I suspect the latter given the gifts are usually gender specified (and this was definitely a woman's gift) and the fact that I have the countenance of a 21 year old


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You can send it to me, samsc. I am in need of all anti-aging products. But moisturiser and skin care stuff not so much just for the lassies these days.

My latest addition to Christmas Events in Glasgow looks like fun: The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience.

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There's a lot going on tonight in town. The Primevals at Mono, and The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience, Audio

Tomorrow Christmas Choir for Glasgow Loves EU at GOMA 4 – 5 p.m.  If it's dry I think I'll have a wander around George Square so might catch the choir.


glasgow loves eu.jpg

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