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Boris Johnson's estranged wife

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has won slimmer of the year after ridding herself of an 18 stone ass in 24 hours


feel the burn :-)


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Is this True Sam?

I only ask because It's the first time I heard about it.

I'm trying to lose 2 stone at the moment and it's not easy but I keep trying.

The problem with me Sam is that I can be a bit greedy and I buy a wee bit more than I need to sustain me and because I don't do much exercise it goes onto my waist and tummy and face.


forgive me I just realize that you were showing contempt for Boris because of his affair rather than referring to his estranged wife losing 18 stone!!

I knew it sounded odd and I was right.

Shame on Boris for being unfaithful.


Edited by Tom"ar"To
I just realize I didn't read the post properly.

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