Three Haibun by Robin Lloyd-Jones

sweet especial scene

Autumn Trail

I walk a narrow track under miles of beech and oak. Strands of gold and red flare like forest fires amongst the greens. Bark steams when touched by the long-fingered sun. But the sky is darkening.

     Canyons, cliffs, mossed walls

     Submerged in wooded gloom

     Fathoms from the sky.

As I follow a yellow-leaved path, my thoughts dwell on betrayals of long ago. In the last quarter of my life they still seethe in my blood.

     In the darkest part

     A boar thrashes through thickets

     And disturbed birds squawk.

My stride quickens as I fantasise revenge. Thunder, a growling tiger, roams the forest.

Rain thwacks waxen leaves, splashes my skin washing away my anger. and patters on my hood. Its steady drumming, its gentle passage through the branches soothes me, washing away my anger.

     Quietly dripping

     Renewing rain

     Seeps to waiting roots.

Robin Lloyd Jones

From: The Sweet Especial Scene pub Two ravens Press (2014)

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