The Girl, The Crow, The Writer And The Fighter – Debut Novel by George Paterson

george paterson novel

The Girl, The Crow, The Writer And The Fighter  is Published by: Into Books
Format: Hardback, Pages: 396
Publication: October 2021

Book Launch – 5 November, 2021

george paterson launch

George Paterson invites you to a special event to mark the launch of his debut novel.  Spoken word & music performances.  

The Admiral Bar, 72a Waterloo Street, Glasgow G2 7DA

Tickets £5

Full details of event

About the Book

May Morgenstern has started a book she cannot afford to put down.
From the pre and post-war streets of bohemian Paris to the cool azure skies above the Mediterranean, ‘The Girl, The Crow, The Writer and The Fighter’ takes the reader on a visceral, labyrinthine trip with a notorious sexual anarchist, the most dangerous man on the planet and a young woman who finds herself drawn into their complex world of murder, carnality and duplicity.

The book opens in 1965 when provocative author Henry Miller is taken incognito to an infamous title fight. In the turbulent aftermath of the bout, Miller is forced to battle his way through the ensuing melee in order to make a vital connection with the keeper of a tightly guarded secret.

‘Is it safe?’

Twenty years later, a young Maine waitress receives an unusual bequest.
From the estate of an elderly patron, May Morgenstern takes ownership of a bound collection of letters, hitherto unseen correspondence between her late friend and the aforementioned writer in which he not only recounts the story of how he came to be accused of the slaying of the man who fathered her but how his fate came to be linked with that of future heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston. As she delves deeper into the letters, May learns that the truth may be more deadly than fiction.

George Paterson’s epistolary tale of murder and chicanery is a study of chaos in instalments. ‘The Girl, The Crow, The Writer and The Fighter’ is an incendiary, exciting ‘what if?’ page turner which spans continents and lifetimes; a story where desire and intrigue sit, like Chang and Eng, inextricably bound within its own myth.
From Dumas to Devo, Hammett to Huey Lewis, Paterson’s debut novel deftly turns literary convention on its side and fashions an entertaining, yet challenging alternative reality in mystery fiction.


About George Paterson

George Paterson is a writer, DJ and musician who, as a member of the bands White and DMP, released a number of well received albums on the Poco Alto Label. His work can be found in a number of independent feature length and short films as well as providing the musical backdrop to the London stage production of the play, ‘ISM’.
Since returning to Scotland in 2017, his focus has been split between the spoken word – his popular weekly ‘Lost in Music’ radio show – and his writing, with articles appearing in a number of online publications before finding a home as a regular features writer and reviewer for INTO Creative.
Additonally, he has written two screenplays and one feature length ‘coming of age’ story, serialised on INTO, called ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’.


“A beautiful, brooding epic from the brilliant bastard offspring of Hammett and Pynchon.” Tom Gillespie, The Strange Book of Jacob Boyce

“Paterson’s writing moves through the chapters like a champion middleweight, dipping and soaring in all the right places, before jabbing you into submission when you least expect it. A scintillating, riveting debut novel from a brilliant new writer.”
David F Ross, There’s Only One Danny Garvey

“The writer has taken two real-life and seemingly disparate characters, Henry Miller and Sonny Liston, and moulded a believable, fictional friendship. Through ‘cinematic’ episodes, this journey defies even those readers who are well-versed in the guessing-game. This novel bludgeons the senses and exhilarates in equal measure.”
Stuart Cosgrove, Journalist, Broadcaster and Media Commentator

george paterson book

“Rarely has a debut novelist, so firmly rooted in his Scottish identity, written a work which is so at ease with the details of raw emotions and breathtaking action in an international setting.” Stuart Cosgrove

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