Added on Friday 26 Oct 2012


There had been no wars for centuries. In fact the last war

had been so long ago that no one really took the precious

time to go gawk at the archives. Hunger too had long been

dead. Neither was there any credit nor money.

Violence was seen as some ancient relic, rather like we see

a spear tip or a charmed necklace. This was a planet where

all trod easy, trod lightly, trod slow.

Nothing, nobody was wanting. No elected leaders were used

although sometimes, old grey sages would meet around a hearth

or sit below a tree. No great rules were needed. Men fished any river

got fruit from anywhere. All had homes of equal state and if one had to

say that there had to be a high one whom all took heed from then that

was the one nature; the one great spirit running through all things.

No senseless mating or hitting for the hell. Each soul knew the song,

they sang it well. In its love they were contented and in it they were free.

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