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Added on Tuesday 6 Apr 2010

Photo: go americans. Ice Hockey Game

Speaking of sports, I was lucky enough to go to a local ice hockey game a few weeks ago. I'm a big fan of ice hockey (Mighty Ducks anyone?) because of its fast pace and violent tendencies! However, the seats I've had at Dallas Stars or New Jersey Devils games have been pretty high up from the rink, so you don't get the full force of the action. However, one of my sorority sisters has an internship with Fox Sports and got us tickets for the Allen Americans game she was covering. They're a local team that are affiliates of the Dallas Stars, and I was really excited to attend and things were improving by the minute.

While we were having a few pre-game drinks in a nearby bar, a man approached us saying he had two suite tickets and couldn't make the game. Naturally we took them off his hands. When we arrived in the suite, we realized it was the owner's box and we were hanging out with some pretty influential people. It turned out one of them, the man who built the arena we were in, was married to a woman from Perth. So we found ourselves with free suite tickets, access to the free bar and liquor cabinet and the home team even won! Good banter and good times all round.

Sorority Life

Apart from crashing ice hockey boxes, I've been extremely busy with my new sorority life, taking part in fundraisers for breast cancer awareness and education, as well as mixers with some of the fraternities on campus. Last week, we went to the Sigma Chi graffiti party. The Public House bar on campus installed black lights and we were all given glow pens to write on each other's t-shirts or dresses. It was a lot of fun and they raised a lot of money for their own philanthropy.

Photo: group. They also helped us when we needed guys to play in our Field Day, an athletics event which included a relay course, wheelbarrow race and other games. I thought I was being smart by recruiting the three tallest and biggest guys I knew for my team only to realize the events included leap frog. Me trying to leap over three 6'4" football players does not a winning team make! Or at least until it came to the final event which was capture the flag, a combination of American football and well, flag capturing. We rocked it, and took home the trophy. Not bad for a team led by a foreign girl!

Banishing a Myth

I'll wrap things up by crushing a widely believed myth. If you go to Florida for Spring break, it's not like you see in the movies. It's crazier. Parties on the beach all week long, getting sunburned in March, going to the biggest nightclub in the United States and finding out the wet way that as well as ten rooms and bars it also has an outdoor pool. We spent St. Patrick's Day taking green shots and playing the infamous "Never Have I Ever" drinking game. Note to self: what people admitted to in that game in Florida, I really wish would have stayed in Florida!

New York with my mum

But this month, I'm playing on the Zeta/Delta Sig softball team (hitting the ball with the bat is a lot harder than it looks) and spending the weekend in New York with my Mum! So I'll be in a proper Empire State of Mind. Chuck Norris jumped from the top of the Empire State building you know? He landed on his feet.

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