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Did you know...Good diet produces healthy hair?

Shiny, full bodied hair is a consequence of eating foods that provide strength and vitality to the roots. Make sure you are getting enough protein. Protein is needed by every cell in your body, including the cells that make the hair.

Without adequate protein, the cells in your body don't work efficiently and can't make new hair to replace old hair that's been shed. The protein also helps stop the hair from having split ends and from breaking easily. Fish, chicken, cheese, milk, and meat are good sources of protein


Have you ever tried...tofu and soybeans?

Iron-deficiency anemia can cause hair loss. To maintain proper iron levels you should include iron rich foods such as lean red meat, broccoli, dried fruit, tofu, and soybeans in your diet.

Did you know...how to have movie star hair?

That shiny lustrous locks aren't just for movie stars. You can have them too if you want them. Here's a few tips.

If you've got fine hair look for a shampoo with wheat proteins and polymers. These ingredients coat the hair shaft making it look thicker (hence the lustrous look). You can also use spray volumisers. These will deposit a light mist of shine in the form of droplets but won't make hair limp and lifeless.

If you've got normal hair, try a shampoo that has silk amino acids, as these soften and repair hair structure. Lecithin also restores hair texture. To add that shimmery shine of the A-listers you can use gels and creams. To apply the product without it going all gooey, apply it on your palm, rub your hands together and pat gently onto your hair.

And for thick or heavy hair, use pomades they will not only make your hair shiny but will also moisturise so your hair is more supple.

Did you know... mouthwash can be used as a disinfectant?

The same properties that kill the bacteria in the mouth can work with the skin to reduce the infectione. Rub the mouthwash on using a cotton ball. The mouthwash then needs to be rinsed away using fresh water. Don't leave it to soak and be careful not to apply it to any areas of broken skin or with sores!

Have you ever tried...cool water to alleviate stress?

Cool water may eliminate evening stress. Many people take warm baths to reduce stress, but cool baths may work much better. At night, before heading off to bed, try running just three inches of cool water in the bath tub. Wrap your upper body in a warm towel and sit in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. The energy that causes thoughts to race around the mind is pulled to the lower part of the body thus eliminating the stress that may keep you awake for hours.

Did you know that Peanut Butter can cure hiccups?

Peanut Butter (Soy Butter / Almond Butter / Nutella) Can Cure Hiccups can cure hiccupas. At first, hiccups are fun and then they move to annoying. When you cannot break the hiccups, try eating a thick nut butter like peanut butter. Place one large tablespoon in the mouth and hold for 10 seconds. Then, try to swallow the butter whole. The hiccups will stop every time.... so they say


Have you tried cherries to help you sleep?

Cherries contain melatonin which is used by the body to regulate sleep patterns. When cherries are eaten before going to bed they can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. On the reverse side, the cherries also balance the circadian rhythm that tells the body when to fall asleep and wake-up. Once balanced, the body will be on a healthier sleep pattern and any trouble sleeping will fade away.

Did you know about mustard?

Mustard will remove lingering smells from old bottles. When cleaning out a bottle or bowl that has been used to store a food item that has left a lingering odor, sometimes soap and water will simply not cut the smell. Yellow mustard can remove that lingering smell in just a few moments. Simply add a little mustard and warm water to the container and swish around for a few moments. Rinse well and the smell is gone.

Did you know about aspirin?

Aspirin can be used to remove underarm stains. Aspirin is known as the perfect headache relief medicine, but it also holds power over perspiration stains. When the underarms of your favorite white shirt has lost that bright, white lustre try using aspirin to remove the sweat stains. Simply crush two aspirin and mix with a bit of water. Soak the stained area for three hours and launder as usual.

Did you know about gloves?

Gloves can reduce hand inflammation. If you suffer from swollen hands every morning, a tight pair of gloves can completely relieve the pain and loss of movement associated with swelling. Gloves that are snug to the skin, like driving gloves, will reduce or eliminate the swelling that occurs at night. When swelling is relieved, you'll find you wake with your hands feeling free and rested.

Did you know about grapefruit?

Grapefurit can help stop a cold. Drinking juice from grapefruit sections can help stave off a cold. Cut the grapefruit and then steep it in warm water for and drink with honey to tackle those winter sniffles. Lots of vitamin C and the honey can coat and sooth a tickly throat.

Dawn Murray's Wellbeing Words - 18th February

Did you know that: Catnip Can Reduce Anxiety

While cats love to go crazy after playing with a little catnip, it has been said to have much the opposite effect on humans. Catnip tea bags can be used as a mild sedative to relieve tension and anxiety. However do be careful, it is important to use only human grade catnip as opposed to the version sold in pet stores!

Did you know that: Honey to Reduce Cavities

Black tea mixed with unpasteurized dark honey can kill off the bacteria that cause cavities. We've heard that apparently the tea can be swished around the mouth before spitting out to eliminate bacterial growth for 48 hours or more. A great tip but probably less effective than mouthwash from your dentist.

Dawn's health and wellbeing words - 2nd February

Did you know about allergies?

Allergies Can Be Caused By What Collects In Your Hair. At night, many people choose to change into their bed clothes and head off for a long slumber without taking a shower or bath. But little do they know, the need to feel clean in the morning may be causing a stuffy nose at night! The dust, dirt and pollen collected in the hair throughout the day is transferred to the pillows and bed linens in the night. As you toss and turn, you breathe in the dirt which can cause allergies to flare up in the night. Ever wake up feeling swollen and tired? This could be due to allergens in your pillow...

Did you know that a cup of afternoon coffee could do you good?<.h3>

Caffeine in the afternoon. Caffeine is commonly used as the first morning drink to wake up the mind. However, feeling sleepy in the middle of the day is a common problem. When you find yourself drifting off at work, immediate stress can fill the body making it hard to concentrate and continue working. A cup of Joe in the middle of the day can increase the heart rate just enough to push through the afternoon sleepiness!

Dawn's Wellbeing Words - 13th November, 2009

Dawn's wellbeing words - health and beauty

Did you know about herbs for treating loss of appetite?

Did you know that aspirin might help reduce dandruff?

Aspirin is rumoured to help relieve dandruff. There is a natural quality to aspirin that apparently reduces hair dandruff. All you have to do is add crushed aspirin to your normal, everyday shampoo. The effect of the new mixture will be the same as the most expensive medicated shampoos without the nasty smell and high price tag. However there is a downside.... the aspirin can leech into the skin! Got a more persistent dandruff problem? There are some fantastic remedies available that you can use everyday without aspirin soaking in through your scalp - just ask your pharmacist or hairdresser

Did you know that Goldenseal can help with health?

Goldenseal to treat anemia and strengthen the blood. Goldenseal is a natural herb that aids the blood by providing a good source of iron and a high vitamin C content to help the iron absorb into the body. Goldenseal should not be used by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or those with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or glaucoma so do check with your doctor first. It's a short term remedy so make sure to only take the herb for a maximum of one week at a time.

Herbs can help treat loss of appetite. Some people have trouble keeping their appetite under control, but others have the opposite problem ? they have NO appetite. This can be linked to health conditions or the use of prescription medications. Herbs, such as blessed thistle, caraway, cayenne, celery and dill, help to boost appetite. Herbal tea can be brewed and mixed with flavoured tea bags or honey to get the most out of these appetite boosting herbs.

Did you know that raspberry leaves can help allergies?

Raspberry leaves to reduce the redness associated with allergies and those tough nights on the town. Raspberry is a natural anti-inflammatory so it is often used to reduce inflammation around the eyes. However, the same ?tea? can be used to heal red, bloodshot eyes. Take 15 raspberry leaves and place in 1 quart of hot water. Once the "tea" is cool enough to handle soak a towel in the ?tea? and cover the face for 10 to 15 minutes.

Wellbeing Words - 10th November, 2009

Did you know about Mint Juice?

Mint juice apparently helps to even skin color. There is nothing worse than working hard on achieving healthy skin just to find some skin discoloration. Some alternative therapists say that mint juice can reduce the discoloration of the skin. Want to try their advice? Simply rub the juice on the face nightly and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse away the juice and notice the more even color of the skin.

Did you know about Castor Oil?

Castor oil for antiaging. Castor oil is often thought of as the horrible tasting oil used as a punishment in the movies, but there is some good to be had when using this oil. Castor oil is thought to have antiaging properties that reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, maybe the oil should have been rubbed on the skin instead of placed on a spoon...!

Wellbeing words - 20th October, 2009.

Did you know about exfoliation and deodorant?

Exfoliating the underarms can increase the effectiveness of deodorant. The pores of the underarms can get clogged just as easily as the pores of the face. While many people exfoliate their facial skin once a week, they rarely exfoliate the skin of their underarms. Using the same exfoliating wash on the underarms can remove the clogs from the pores leaving the skin brighter and your deodorant more protective. Be gentle!

Did you know about banana skins and splinters?

Banana skins can remove a splinter. If you have a splinter in any part of the body, a small piece of banana skin can work out that splinter overnight. It does not matter what type of splinter you have - it could be metal, glass or wood - banana skins have been known to pull splinters out overnight. To try simply cut a small piece of banana skin and apply to the area of the skin where the splinter is located. Cover this with a band aid and in the morning, the splinter will be ready to remove. If the splinter is very deep, more than one application may be needed or you may need to see a doctor.

Wellbeing words 6th October, 2009

Did you know about Ginger?
Ginger can calm the stomach and that cold. Take a small amount of ginger and brew with some hot water. Allow to cool slightly and sweeten as desired. You can even add a little lemon juice to the water for a complete cup of cold relief. Better yet, this natural tea can also work to relieve nausea, especially the nausea associated with morning sickness.

Did you know about nappy cream?
For helping treat dry and cracked skin. The skin of the elbows and heels care particularly prone to becoming dry and cracked. If you have tried every lotion you can think of to reverse this condition without success then why not take some advice from a baby. The same cream used to clear up diaper rash will soften the skin of the elbows and heels. It works famously on my horses cuts also!

Wellbeing Words - 29th September, 2009.

Have you tried Ketchup?

Ketchup can reverse those green locks of hair. Swimming is not only one of the best exercises, but also refreshing during the hottest months of the year. When swimming in a pool, the hair is soaked in the same chemicals that make the water safe for swimming and those chemicals can turn blonde hair a horrid shade of green. There's a well tested old wives' tale that ketchup can reverse that discoloration. Simply apply ketchup to the hair in the same way you apply conditioner. Work through the hair and leave on for 15 minutes. The green colour will fade with use. Or, if you're not game to give ketchup a go.... your hairdresser will probably have a much more up-to-date option in terms of a chlorine removing treatment!

Wellbeing Words - 22nd September, 2009

Did you know about Olive Oil?

Olive oil could be your best friend when shaving because it can cause hair to stand on end. It works wonders to bring the hairs on your legs to attention. To give it a try when shaving, apply the olive oil directly to the leg and work into the skin for a few moments. Shave as usual, then notice how close the shave is with this natural oil. Not to mention soft and smooth.

Wellbeing words - 10th September, 2009

Did you know...about lemon juice?

There's an old wives tale that lemon juice can work wonders on discolored fingernails and toenails. Apparently the acids present in lemon juice will help to brighten the nails in the same manner that bleach brightens clothing. All you need to do is soak the fingers in a bit of lemon juice. The juice will also work to disinfect any small nicks around the nails, but there could be a bit of a sting. For a more focused approach, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and run on the nail to remove color. Does it work? Your guess is as good as ours!

Have you ever tried...diet soda or fizzy drinks?

Diet soda or fizzy drinks can slim down a cake recipe. Originally invented for people who were allergic to eggs, the soda / egg replacement used in cake recipes can be modified to reduce the total calories in a slice of cake. In order to use a soda as an egg replacement simply eliminate the water and eggs in a recipe and replace with either a light or dark diet soda. Dark diet sodas (or colas) can be used for dark colored cakes and light diet sodas for light colored cakes. The average egg is responsible for 70 to 100 calories. With the elimination of three eggs in the recipe, the total caloric reduction could reach 300 calories. Pair the diet soda with an applesauce replacement for the oil in the recipe and the cake will have fewer calories per slice than many diet meals. Will it taste as good with soda instead of eggs? Give it a try and find out...

Wellbeing words - 1st September, 2009.

Did you know...that alcohol can make oily skin worse?

Many people still use alcohol to clean oily, acne prone skin but did you know that treating skin with a drying agent like alcohol will only make acne problems worse? Alcohol dries the skin and increases the number of flaking skin cells. These skin cells are at the heart of acne. When the skin cells block the sebaceous (oil) glands of the face, the backup causes what we all know as a pimple. The more dry skin cells, the more chance of the pores becoming blocked and causing more acne.

Have you ever tried...Vitamin E for handcare?

Vitamin E is great for hands. After a trip to the salon, I noticed the manicurist placing a serum with Vitamin E in it on my nails before filing down the rough skin around the fingertips. Vitamin E is a natural moisturizer and antioxidant that can help to soften the skin of the hands and fingers. Vitamin E also makes cuticle removing easier and less painful.

Richardson Murray, your hair and beauty salon with a difference are pleased to bring you some Wellbeing Words...25th August, 2009

Did you know... Oil warmers can reduce tension and stress. ?

Candles are a huge part of home decor, fragrance and natural healing. However candles are limited in the scent they can produce before they are gone. Oil warmers are a great alternative and the scents are not limited to the life of the candle. An oil warmer uses a tea light to warm a fragrance oil and fill a room or a home with a wonderful fragrance. The oils can be changed with mood and can be used to boost mood. Oil warmers also tend to be safer than candles as the warmers only works as long as the tea light is burning. The average tea light will only burn for a couple of hours and exhausts without the smoke smell associated with putting out a candle.

Have you ever tried... Microfiber for Exfoliation. ?

Those microfiber clothes they sell in the automotive area of the store are not just great for washing the car. The fibers are ideal for exfoliating the skin if you need to. All you need to do is apply your favorite facial wash to the skin and lather using circular motions with the microfiber cloth. Rinse the face and the cloth and hang to dry!

Did you know...how to smooth out skin blemishes. ?

Did you know that women with uneven skin tones used to use Arsenic to whiten skin? Make up, skin powder and body powder were all created with Arsenic to leave the skin looking smooth and light. Now it may have given beautiful English-Rose skin, but it can't have been very good for their health! With all the advancements in skincare, today you can achieve the same lightening and smoothing of blemishes without the use of a caustic ingredient. Many natural skin lighteners have hit the market with much better for you ingredients such as lime juice, lemon juice, glycerin and almond oil. These work to even skin tone while promoting healthy skin. Ask your skin therapist today about what you can use to get a gorgeously smooth even complexion.

Have you ever tried... mixing soaps and herbs?

Mixing Soaps and Herbs. There are a variety of herbs that also increase the health of the skin while providing a beautiful scent. Really popular at the moment are fragrant herbs that include elderberry, linden and lavender. In order to create your very own herbal soaps simply melt a bar of soap and add in the herbs of your choice. Once the mixture is thoroughly combined, remold the soap and enjoy in a relaxing bath!

Did you know...anout Thyme?

Thyme can heal all scalp irritation... The kitchen cupboard is the place where 'thyme stands still'. When it comes to beauty and health, this tasty herb can also relieve an itchy scalp. Boiling 2 cups of water and adding 4 to 5 tablespoons of thyme will create an herbal infusion that can stop all the scalp scratching. The infusion will need to boil for 10 minutes. Then drain the thyme out of the water. Make sure to cool the water completely before using on the scalp and also do a test patch first!

Have you ever tried...Seaweed?

Seaweed for Skin Impurities. With the age of cleansing upon us, seaweed is the perfect ingredient to pull out any impurities from the skin. Seaweed gel can be found in holistic or whole food stores and can be used as a facial mask or on the scalp to alleviate itchy, dry skin. Check with your skincare specialist what products have seaweed in them that you could benefit from.

Did you know... how useful baking soda is?

Baking soda can 'exfoliate' your hair and remove that green residue buildup. It has been used for generations as everything from toothpaste to a cleaner. Adding one more use to the list, baking soda is also perfect for removing the residue left on your hair from weekly styling. Add a small amount of baking soda to your normal shampoo, lather and rinse. The baking soda will also help to remove the green from your hair that is left by chlorine. Lather the hair with 1/4 cup baking soda and watch the green fade away. However be careful - if you have coloured or treated hair in any way, do check with your stylist first to make sure this is the best option for you.

Have you ever tried...Henna?

Henna for More Than Tattoos. You may have heard about Henna in relation to colouring the skin on the hands and feet for temporary tattoos. But did you know Henna has apparently also been used for years as a powerful but secret beauty ingredient. Some beauty experts recommend mixing a small quantity Henna powder with egg whites and applying as a conditioner to give hair a thick, lustrous look.

Tips from Dawn Murray, 15th July, 2009

Did you know...you can use translucent powder on your hair?

That translucent powder isn't just for your face anymore. Have you ever been out camping or forced to stay away from home for a few days without the luxury of washing your hair? Maybe you want to head straight from work to the club and need to get rid of the day's oily residue on your roots. With translucent powder, you can. Apply the powder to the roots of the hair and allow the powder to absorb the oil. It's not a solution for everyday but is a great tip for hair emergencies!

Have you ever tried...?apple sauce for clearer skin?

An apple a day - says the doctor. Well, maybe he did not mean on the face, but that can work too. In a bowl, add one tablespoon of applesauce with one tablespoon of wheat germ. Try rubbing the mixture on the face and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse the face and notice a whole new glow. Just make sure to use pure applesauce with no additives or extra ingredients to ensure there is nothing in it which will react. Or if you can't get this, just chop an apple up and pop it in the blender to create your own applesauce. Still not sure? Do a test patch first to make sure your skin likes it.

Some beauty tips - 25th June

Did you know...about baths?

Hot baths are not necessarily the best solution. No matter how stressful the day or week has been, choosing to take a steaming hot bath may lead to more stress the following week. The hot water, especially when paired with soaps and bubble baths, can often dry out the skin. Dry skin can lead to increased acne or blemishes, as well as flaking. Try a pleasantly warm bath with a few essential oils and enjoy relaxation and healthy skin!

Have you ever tried...coffee?

Coffee for invigoration and cellulite reduction. Many anti-cellulite creams contain caffeine. This caffeine is reported to reduce the look of cellulite be pulling the water out from between the fat cells. If you like the idea of recycling, why not help the environment and reduce your cellulite by giving recycling your left over coffee grounds a go? After your pot is brewed, try removing the grounds and mixing with one tablespoon of salt. Take the mixture to the shower and and use your homemade cellulite reducing wash. Rub in circular motions, massaging it into your cellulite then rinse and shower as normal.

Some beauty tips 3rd June, 2009

Have you ever tried...making your own shampoo?

Olive oil to wash your hair. Many people work very hard to keep their hair shiny and healthy. What if the trouble was not in the method, but in the shampoo? Creating your own natural shampoo requires only four ingredients and your hair will love you for the time spent mixing up this strange concoction. To make your own olive oil shampoo, mix one ounce of olive oil, one egg, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a bowl. Lather into the hair and rinse as usual. Do not keep any of the left over shampoo. The result - shiny hair that is much more manageable.

Did you know...how to have dramatic eyes?

Want a more dramatic look for your eyes? Eyeliner can transform even the slimmest eye into a bold and beautiful work of art if you know a little about color. A great idea is to place black or dark eyeliner on the outer corners of the eye only. On the inner corners, lighten things up a bit with a brighter color. This will open up the eye and make them appear more open and round.

Wellbeing and Beauty Tips - 29th May

Did you know...how to get rid of circles under your eyes?

You stumble out of bed in the morning and look into the mirror only to see swelling and black bags under your eyes. How can you go out into the world looking like you are recovering from a night of partying? Well, the great news is you don't have to. Take two metal spoons and place the rounded end into a cup of ice water when you hop in the shower. After you dry off, place the spoons (rounded end facing the skin) over the eyes and allow the spoon to relieve the swelling and bags in minutes.

Have you ever tried...coconut oil to smooth your lips?

Coconut oil for smooth lips. You can create your very own lip balm with just a few ingredients, including coconut oil. By placing one teaspoon of Aloe gel, 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly into a bowl and mixing, you will create a coconut oil / aloe lip balm. The result - smoother lips at a fraction of the cost.

Did you know...how to treat dry cuticles?

Have you ever looked down and noticed your cuticles were dry and cracked? If your hand lotion is simply not strong enough to keep those cuticles moist, step up the game a bit with lip balm. The thick texture of the lip balm will last longer than traditional lotion and really moisturise dry cuticles!

Have you ever tried...strawberries for a brighter smile?

Mashed strawberries for a brighter smile. That's right! According to some sources, strawberries are the perfect toothpaste to use for a brighter smile. All you have to do is mash a strawberry in a small bowl and place on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth just as you normally would. The result - a brighter smile and fresh, strawberry breath. Your dentist might or might not agree but it certainly sounds yummy!

Have you ever tried... Ice water for perfect nails?

Many people think the best option is to dry the nails after painting with a blow dryer on the heat setting. If this doesn't work for you, next time paint those nails fantastic and then place your fingers in a bowl of ice water. The ice water will seal the polish on the nail. The result - brighter, shinier nails.

Did you know... about facial scrubs?

Facial scrubs do not have to empty the wallet. Most facial scrubs are very similar to cleansers but with some kind of abrasive or exfoliating agent - if you've not yet picked up a scrub that is suitable for your skin why not try making your own? just add a pinch of sugar to the palm of your hand and mix with your cleanser. Try a small test patch and then apply to the face and neck in small circular motions then wash off.

Did you know...how to reduce choleterol?

Red Yeast Rice and Those High Cholesterol Numbers... Red Yeast Rice, a fermented rice common in China, is white rice that has been taken over by the Monascus purpureus mold. The mold, however nasty it may sound, has been proven in clinical trials to reduce cholesterol levels to the point that the National Institutes of Health in the United States gave red yeast rice a grade A for cholesterol reduction. If you suffer from high cholesterol, it may just pay to check it out.

Have you ever tried... herbs and vitamins for hair loss?

Herbs and Vitamins for hair loss. Men and women alike lose hair as they age. For some people, this hair loss becomes noticeable before they would like it to. While a healthy diet and good hydration are key to keeping hair full and intact - there are a few vitamins and herbs that can boost the fullness and root health of the hair. These vitamins and herbs include Vitamin A, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Flaxseed Oil, Zinc, Biotin and Vitamin B50.

Did you know... Nature Can Protect the Skin from Radiation?

Anyone who has experienced radiation therapy or radiation exposure knows how burned and sensitive skin can feel afterwards. To cope with this, nature has provided Calendula. Most commonly known as Marigold, this product can protect the skin from radiation. The marigold will need to be applied to the skin 2 times a day during treatment in order to prevent dermatitis associated with radiation. Of course, please do check with your doctor that this is suitable for your type of treatment.

Have you ever tried...walking on pebbles?

According to the practice of acupuncture - pressure points on the feet help the body to heal and just plain feel better. Accessing these acupuncture points without the help of a trained professional can hard, but not impossible. Try walking on a bed of pebbles with your bare feet. The pebbles will hit the pressure points and having you feeling better in no time.

Did you know...about Camu Camu fruit?

Camu Camu Fruit Can Increase Life Span! There is a new leader in the Vitamin C realm and it is far better than any orange. The Camu Camu fruit, discovered in the Peruvian Amazon, offers 500,000 ppm of Vitamin C compared to a measly 4,000 ppm from the orange. According to research, just one ounce of this precious juice can increase the life span of a human by up to 6 years. Other benefits include being a great source of fiber, protein, calcium and beta-carotene.

Have you ever tried...putting on less makeup before you have your photograph taken?

The camera will show every flaw in the face, right? Not really. Flash photography reduces the look of aging on the face. But, the flash also shows every little mistake in makeup application. This means - apply less makeup before a photo or party where photos will be taken and you will be putting your best face forward. Extra Tip: Your powder should match your foundation for a photo.

Have you ever tried...Lemon Juice?

Lemon juice can be used to reduce the look of age spots. Age spots are caused by skin exposure to the sun. While sunscreen can prevent age spots, once they appear it is too late for prevention. The high acidic level of lemon juice acts as a peel and lightener when applied to the skin twice a day. This natural relief will take a few weeks, so be patient and keep rubbing. But not too hard!

Did you know...cranberry juice should be avoided by some people

Cranberry Juice is a popular drink - high in vitamin c and thought to the urinary tract cure all. However, turns out it may not be so good for kidney stones so maybe best avoided if prone to this problem as cranberry is now thought to be responsible for calcium and magnesium boosts in the urine. These components can lead to kidney stones over time. Other stone-forming agents include coffee, black tea, alcohol, and cola soft drinks.
cranberry juice and kidney stones

Have you ever tried... to make your skin ore beautiful by improving your diet?

Improving your diet for more beautiful skin. The body is one large organism that works in a complimentary fashion. What you put into the body will affect the health of the skin too. The three key points to remember are hydrate, eat healthy choices with less preservatives and take that daily multi-vitamin. A healthier inside means a healthier layer of skin.

Did you know...about layering scents?

Layering scents for a more intense effect. There are people who walk past and smell delightful while the rest of us seem to spray our clothing with our favorite scent only to smell like nothing in about an hour. The key is layered scents. There are many products that are scented and will perfectly compliment your favorite parfum. Try using a scented bath soap, lotion, body spray and parfum as the final layer. This will keep you smelling wonderful for the entire day.

Did you know... about aerobic exercise for headaches?

Scientists have recently reported that regular aerobic exercise can lead to a decrease in headaches. It is thought this result is due to the hormones released into the body during exercise. Anything from a extra short walks to full gym workouts can help reduce headache frequency. The most important thing is to make your exercise regular and appropriate for you.

Did you know... about toothpaste?

Toothpaste for that problem pimple. Oily skin is more prone to pimples and acne. This is due to the clogging of the pores with oils which prevent the old skin from shedding. Toothpaste can help dry out the pimple to heal faster. If you find your skin is irritated by the toothpaste - try calamine lotion. It offers the same drying treatment for pimple relief. Also, your skin therapist will have lots of top tips for smooth clear skin so also make sure to ask them their opinion.

Have you ever tried... sandalwood?

Sandalwood Oil for a Chest Cold? Sandalwood is a natural oil that can help relieve chest congestion during a cold or flu. All you have to do is rub the oil on the skin or create a compress from warm oil or cold oil and apply to the chest area. The congestion will fade away, naturally. Should it continue, make sure to go see your doctor.

Have you ever tried...Cranberry?

Everyone on earth has heard that the healthy cranberry is great for urinary tract infections. (If you have never heard this, welcome to Earth) But, many people do not know that cranberries are very high in Vitamin C which make them the ideal fruit to increase the body's natural immunities. Vitamin C helps to ward off colds during those chilly winter months.

Update: January 30th, 2009

Richardson Murray, your hair and beauty salon with a difference are pleased to bring your Your Weekly Wellbeing Words...

Did you know... Sleep is made up of different stages.

During a normal night we will cycle through the different stages several times.

  • Stage one: the ten minute period of light sleep or dozing.
  • Stage two: a deeper sleep that lasts for about 20 minutes and
  • Stages three and four: types of deep sleep.

We need deep sleep! This is when our body and brain recover from the day. If you aren't getting enough sleep you are not going to be able to function at a normal level. So make sure you get your 8 hours a night. Keep your room just for sleeping. If there are stimulants in there you will take longer to switch off. Make it comfortable, dark and cool. And of course, if you are having real trouble sleeping see your doctor.

Have you ever tried...Caffeine ?

Caffeine is included in many drinks and nearly every over the counter diet pill. Caffeine will cause increased energy and has been linked to increasing metabolism and fat burning during weight loss. However, little do people know that caffeine can help to reduce pain as well.

The next time you have a horrid headache and you need something more than the traditional acetaminophen, add a dose of caffeine to that pain reliever. Caffeine helps to boost the efficacy of acetaminophen (commonly used painkiller)

Update: 18th January, 2009

How can we tell if we are putting strain on our bodies by walking incorrectly?

Well heres a great quick way to assess yourself... Walk directly towards a full length mirror and observe the following:

  • Your knees are pointing forward.
  • Your hips are level.
  • Your arms swing rhythmically as you walk.
  • Both sides of your body are symmetrical (arm swing, step length, etc).
  • You are walking tall (e.g. your head is erect and your ears are directly above your shoulders).

Now walk alongside a full length mirror and observe the following:

  • Your heel makes contact with the floor first on each step.
  • You can feel the pressure roll up to the toes as you push off from the floor.
  • Your knee is almost fully extended before your heel contacts the floor.
  • Your steps are of equal length.
  • Your ears are directly above your shoulders and your body is upright.

Have you ever tried...Red Pepper?

Red Pepper - Many people think of red pepper as a spice used in cooking. The homeopath sees this herb as an instant remedy for indigestion and pain. Red pepper, when consumed in moderation, can help the stomach digest the foods in the stomach more quickly and thus prevent extended bouts of indigestion. When used topically, in a prepared cream, red pepper relieves muscle aches and pains as well as headaches and other body strife.

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Update: 10th January, 2008

Did you know...about the benefits of Massage?

Have you ever had a back massage and noticed afterwards that the skin is all flushed or pink? Or exercised like a demon and every bit of you is hot except your thighs and buttocks?

This is because our circulation system has trouble getting blood into the stationary and fattier areas of our bodies. When we move it's easy to create a blood flow into our arms and legs but getting it into our torso is another matter. This is where regular massage comes in. Massage will help to get that circulation flowing. And at the same time it relieves muscle pain, inflammation, tension, and stress. What a bargain!

So, if you can, treat yourself to one a month at least and get that blood flowing.

Have you ever tried...Rosemary?

Rosemary - Did you ever wonder how meat was kept before the invention of the refrigerator? Rosemary is a natural preservative and meats were covered with the herb and wrapped for storage. Today, rosemary can be used to help indigestion, as a decongestant and to kill bacteria in foods that may cause food poisoning. Rosemary grows freely in container window gardens year round.

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Update: 26th December, 2008.

Did you know... about Vitamin D?

Our primary source of vitamin D is sunshine, not food. A person with light skin can get enough vitamin D from a few minutes spent in sunlight each day, but the darker your skin, the more sun exposure you need to meet your daily requirements. You can also get vitamin D from supplements, fish oils, fish, eggs and fortified foods.

A deficiency of Vitamin D can cause these symptoms: Severe tooth decay. Bone pain. Muscular weakness. Muscular spasms. Brittle bones.

People with an increased risk of Vitamin D deficiency include: City dwellers or anyone subject to smog. Night workers, or anyone whose clothing, environment or lifestyle keeps them out of the sunlight.

So when the sun shines make sure to go out for at least 15 minutes a day!

Have you ever tried...Sage?

Sage - Forget your deodorant, try some sausage! All jokes aside, the spice that gives sausage that sausage taste is sage. Sage is the most effective anti-perspirant man can use. This wonder herb cuts body perspiration by 50%. The herb can also be used as a preservative, for indigestion, to lower blood sugar levels and it can even stop a sore throat.

Update: 9th December, 2008

Have you ever tried Dandelion?

Dandelion... There are times in life for both men and women when water weight seems to be bloating the entire body. Many over the counter water pills are simply massive amounts of caffeine, which can leave you feeling jittery. Dandelion, however, is a natural diuretic that works wonders in the body. Dandelion contains Vitamin A, D, C and B and helps to gently push the excess water from the body. Not in the mood for a pill? The leaves of those menacing dandelions in your front yard are completely edible. Just pluck, wash and enjoy in a salad.

Did you know...shoes can cause you problems?

Your shoes affect you more than you think! Have a look at the soles of your most favourite walking shoes. Look at the wear and tear...is there deterioration at the ball of your foot? The heel? The sides? When you are exercising if your feet are leaning in or out it can cause strain and stress to your body and joints. So get your shoes analysed this week and make sure you are working out with the proper footwear!

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Did you know...?

Smoking impairs your circulation. When you smoke, the blood that ends up getting to your skin is not properly oxygenated, and it is filled with poisons and oxidants. This means smokers skin ends up starving and suffocating. The result is dull, grey skin. Additionally, the smoke that wafts up over your face is drifting into your pores and suffocating your skin from the outside. Your pores will be filled with gunk (read pimples) and your skin dehydrated (read wrinkles). Smoking damages your skin, your health and your body. If you are doing it, stop now.

Have you ever tried...?

Olive Oil - Once in a lifetime a substance of perfect quality is found in nature; olive oil may be that once in a lifetime substance. Most often used in the kitchen for cooking, olive oil is full of monounsaturated fats which have been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease when consumed on a regular basis. Olive oil is also being added to various skin and hair treatments in hopes of reaping its benefits inside and out.