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Photo: roisin.January, 2008

2008, Come on down!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm proud to present...The New Year. The New Year comes complete with mud-stained Ugg boots, post-Christmas diets, exams that no one has studied for, and that dreaded phrase from your flatmate/mum/the woman at the local pharmacy, 'It might be that bug that's going around'. My tips for 2008: your Uggs are dirty...bin them! Baggy boyfriend jumpers/hoodies are very in, so don't stress about shedding those extra Christmas pudding pounds. After downing that jug of extra-alcoholic Egg Nog, trust me, it's just a hangover.


2008's fashion will be more up and down than Nicole Ritchie's bathroom scales. Whatever you read, whatever celebs you see pictured, for all that is good in the fashion world, please DO NOT invest in a New Year pair of flares. Come on people, we live in Scotland. It rains here. And rain does not a dry pair of flares make! Keep the skinny jeans for another season until a more functional trend emerges.


It's probably the only way you're going to pass those January exams, eh? Most lecturers won't accept a sly twenty pound note under the desk, and 'you're my favourite Environmental Engineering tutor' probably won't get you an A either. Next best thing? The co-operative on Great Western Road stocks the new large cans of Red Bull for caffeine and chocolate cupcakes for a tasty snack break, and bananas are great for energy and will give you a healthy kick to start this 5-a-day malarkey. But whatever you do, don't sign in to'll never sign out. It's an all-nighter survival necessity.


More than a few steps up from Red Bull and cupcakes, is Mancini's on Great Western Road. On a particularly frosty Pre-Christmas evening, myself and my significant other booked into Mancini's upon the recommendation of a friend, and were delighted with the quality of the food and atmosphere. We only had the table for an hour though, due to the Christmas rush, which was extremely disappointing as we weren't even allowed to see the dessert menu. Oh well, next time we'll make sure we have a longer stay.


Whether it's a cinematic triumph. Whether it's a shabby rip-off of Godzilla. For me, the film of 2008 will be 'Cloverfield'. Take one eccentric producer with an imagination the size of the Starship Enterprise, mix it with an incredibly clever marketing scheme, and you've got one of the most hotly anticipated films of our time. JJ Abrams, the man who brought us Lost, threw some secretive websites into the www world, released an extremely mysterious and action-packed trailer back in June, and has set into motion an internet craze for a film that people seem to know very little about.

The trailer opens with a leaving party for 'Rob' who most assume to be the hero of our tale. Cut to a huge explosion over Manhattan, and the decapitation of the Statue of Liberty by what can only be described as a big, grey monster. Lots of running and screaming and shaky camera work ensues. And that's pretty much it. Movie blogger speculation has produced some crazy theories, but February will bring us answers. This film will be a big deal, and my guess is that the monster turns out to be Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy. Tough, durable, but with a good policy on housing.

Other films to watch out for in 2008 will be 'Juno', the new indy-drama starring Hollywood's celebrated new talent Ellen Page as a pregnant teenager who decides to sell her unwanted baby, with interesting results. This film has been a surprise hit across the pond after being awarded various accolades, including praise for Page and her supporting cast including Jennifer Garner of Alias, and Michael Cera and Jason Bateman who both star in Arrested Development. This summer's blockbuster is set to be 'The Dark Night', which sees Heath Ledger smiling devilishly as Christian Bale returns as Gotham City's vigilante hero, Batman. Heath Ledger can do very little wrong in my eyes, and I predict great reviews in his future as the Joker. And finally. With bated breath. I bring you...'Sex and the City', May 30 2008. Insert appropriate shoe one-liner here.


Need a fast remedy for whatever disease you'll insist to all of your flatmates that you're really dying, no seriously...DYING...from? I can only suggest an oversized hoodie (these are sooo 2008), hot Ribena, and a 2 litre Coke bottle filled with boiling water for a student's answer to Gran's hot water bottle. Collapse on your couch and watch whatever TV boxset Santa gave you for Christmas and relax. Doctor's notes for missed exams required!

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