Quel che non ti dirò mai – Words Unsaid, première in Salerno, Italy, 24 February, 2017

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Quel che non ti dirò mai – Words Unsaid, soon the première

The short film was produced in Italy with Scottish partnership by The Gladiator Company.

Director – Valentina Galdi

Filming ended in late November and the movie will be released on February.

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Some Questions for Members of the Company

Before the première, members of the company were asked some questions: first of all what makes the special the connection between Italy and Scotland.

“I think now talk about distinct nations is wrong because we can see examples of Italian culture in Scotland and Scottish culture in Italy. In this movie the chemistry is created in relation to the thought of life, which has proved to be common. We found common points on ways to joke, ways of looking at life discovering to be much more similar than we could think about.” Galdi said. “ I can now boast a true friendship with guys: we talk about everything despite differences in age or habits. I love to call it an educational path, you know! And now they call me McGaldi! It’s fantastic.” She added.

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The film – how we remember – deals with the deep topic of living life fully before it is too late. The company is mainly composed of young people, so our second question was:  Whether the film has helped any of the cast/production team change their attitude to life and family.

Answers have been different.

“The film has definitely hit the hearts of everyone, especially because the main character is a guy just like us. During filming we went from filming scenes spontaneous and carefree to shoot deeper scenes, almost tragic.” – Said the director – “This thought (of the movie) drove all of us to give a higher value to the situations and relationships because “the bonds vanish and then you have only the memories”… that are the most emotional thing we have.”

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A member of the cast added that today he understands the importance of friends, of family, of those things that represent “everyday life”. Every moment is precious and unique, because what is lost is not coming back.

The great night of the première will be on 24, February 2017 in Salerno.

During the event there will be journalists and spectators. The programme includes the first screening of the film and a press conference, where the director and other members will explain the significance of the project. All employees will be presented and future plans will be announced.

The intention is to sensitize and pass on the message of the movie: it could change the lives of everyone.

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