Mary Irvine’s Blog: Booked! Festival Jimmie Macgregor, 18th May, 2016.

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Jimmie Macgregor
Millennium Hall, Gartocharn, Wed. 18th May 7.30pm

Eighty six! Surely not. No. Mid 70s , even early 70s maybe. That’s all rhetorical and I digress… Not digression actually. I’m just ahead of myself. As usual the ideas come out faster than I can type.

I arrived early for this event so had time to admire the stunning scenery. A wonderful backdrop for the events that take place on a regular basis. If you haven’t been to the coffee mornings on a Friday do try it out. Now that was a digression.

Whilst the hall gradually filled the gentleman in question mingled in friendly fashion with all and sundry. He even paused to give me a compliment! But that’s of no interest to you reading this…

Jimmie Macgregor, folk singer/songwriter/musician, recording artist, TV, (those of a more mature age cannot fail to remember the ‘Tonight’ programmes with Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor) radio broadcasts, all-round entertainer, hill walker, conservationist, the list appears endless.

The audience increased to 60+ -probably the best attended of those to which I went.
After the intro Jimmie began with a song, accompanying himself on guitar. He then moved to another mike, spoke about getting old and not to worry as it doesn’t last! Shades of Chic Murray and the dour Scottish humour that works so well! It just got better. Limericks, an Irish song about a guy from Japan, a cappella, (for the anoraks out there I know it’s often spelled with one ‘p’. I prefer two. And who’s writing this again? Right!)

The entertainment just went on. Taking us through his full life, personal and career, (the people he met in both) illustrated with slides, comment, songs.  No boasting , no ego-centric lecture as with so many aging performers. He didn’t need to. I felt that what you saw was what you got. The audience warmed to him as, for many, it was a trip down memory lane. Remember Cliff Michelmore, Cy Grant, George Chisholm. And Jimmie did what he’s done all his life – he entertained us.

I enjoyed every moment, including the corn. You have to be clever to make corn work and Jimmie made it work well.

Congratulations to whoever had the inspiration to include Jimmie in the Booked! Festival. And if Jimmie and I are both around next year maybe I’ll get another compliment…

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