Jill Creighton’s ‘Wry look at midlife – Plumpism’

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Where have all the plump celebrities gone?  No seriously, where are they?

Switch on any British or USA chat show, documentary, drama, comedy, music programme and you’ll find that every performer or presenter is slim. It’s the same story with all the leaders and influencers out there – politicians, bankers, the Head of This and the CEO of That.

It’s starting to look as though you don’t get to earn over £200k, work in the City of London or marry a Royal unless you are slim.

We’re not taking normal everyday slim – 5ft 5 inches, 135 pounds, with an ever-so-slight muffin-top. No siree – we’re talking 5ft 5, 98-pounds-thin, with protruding hip bones.

And how exactly do you think that leaves the rest of us feeling?

Well sorta…PLUMP!

It’s not just women. Men have to comply too. If I ever got invited on to the couch of BBC Breakfast to provide expert comment on something (why are you laughing – it might happen) I’d be rather wary sitting down heavily in case the smiley male interviewer at the other end of the sofa bounced up in the air seesaw style.

Apparently, the camera is unforgiving and adds a good 10 pounds to your weight so I can’t image how petite presenters must be in real life and how little food must get eaten at the BAFTAs and Oscars.

Have you ever been in the company of an honest-to-God, proper fully fledged A-lister? I have. Well not in the company of exactly, I saw one in a shop once. They were tiny! Like half the size of the rest of us.

It’s as if being super-slim these days equals talent or achievement.

PLUMP-ISM – it’s rife and on a screen near you now.

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