Maid of the Loch

Photo: maid of the loch. Loch Lomond Steamship Company,
The Pier,
Pier Road,
Balloch G83 8QX

'The Maid of the Loch' is not only a beautiful ship situated in a wonderful location but as the last paddle ship built in Britain she is of considerable historic interest. With the hard work and dedication of a team of volunteers the ship has been returned to her former glory and in recent years as been the focus of a massive refurbishment programme.

The ship makes a wonderful local attraction and is a perfect choice for a day out or as a venue for a variety of private, or corporate functions, including weddings, parties, live music events or business meetings and events.

She is the last in a long line of paddle steamers on the loch, dating back to 1818. In 2004, she officially became an historic ship, being placed on the UK ?Designated Vessels List? which recognizes vessels of ?substantial heritage merit with regional and local significance?.

By far the largest steamer ever to sail on Loch Lomond, she was built in Glasgow by A & J Inglis, reassembled at the slipway in Balloch and launched on 5th March, 1953. Having been lovingly and expertly refurbished by a team of dedicated volunteers, the longer term goal is to see the Maid of the Loch sail again.

However, in the meantime she is looking very spruce so if you are seeking an unusual and attractive event venue, in an scenic location which would be hard to beat, she could be your perfect choice.


The Maid of the Loch is perfect for those seeking a unique location for their wedding reception.

The Queen's Restaurant offers flexibility as a wedding venue; it can seat 90 for a formal dinner or 110 for a buffet style arrangement and is complete with a dance floor.

It is situated at the rear of the ship and has been beautifully refurbished and can be styled to offer a very attractive venue for your wedding reception.

The Douglas Mickel Saloon is a sumptuous tartan carpeted room which is also used for functions and events such as wedding receptions and meetings.

Few locations could compete with the beauty of Loch Lomond, which provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.


A partnership has been formed with Thomson Cooks, one of Scotland's premier catering companies, which provides catering for weddings and other functions on board the ship. The company offer a range of exciting menus which can be tailored to your budget and taste

Photo: lucillia and caitlin maid of the loch. Functions, Events and Visits

The highlight of the summer holidays this year was when we were invited to have a picnic on deck as guests of Lucillia Weir, a local woman who is one of the team of volunteers with The Maid. The surrounding scenery is stunning and it was inspirational to meet the people working on the ship and to hear about what has been achieved.

Visitors are welcomed aboard the ship and there is a cafe bar is on the main deck at the bow. The Lomond Lounge serves meals, snacks, and teas and coffee or you can buy alcoholic drinks at the bar. Snacks and soup are also available.

The Maid is available and in demand as a venue for many different events, including meetings, concerts and birthday parties. We had a great time there when The Moonshiners played to a full house.

The ship has also been chosen as the venue for 'Folk on the Boat', an ambitious fundraiser being held in support of Celtic Music Radio - an event initiated by Lucillia.

Everyone who chooses the ship as a venue is contributing towards seeing The Maid sail on Loch Lomond once again - as well as selecting an ideal spot for their big (or small) event.

Visitors are very welcome and the Maid is open every Saturday 11am - 4pm and Sunday 2pm to 4pm until the end of August; and on Saturdays during winter. There is plenty car parking adjacent, and limited access for the less abled. Admission is free. Donations are most welcome and helps the upkeep of the Maid.

Loch Lomond Steamship Company,
The Pier,
Pier Road,
Balloch G83 8QX

Telephone: 01389 711865

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